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Dublin: 10 °C Sunday 19 April, 2015

As it happened: Tipperary v Offaly, All-Ireland SHC qualifier

We had minute-by-minute action from Portlaoise as these two go head-to-head.

Tipperary's Lar Corbett celebrates scoring the opening goal.
Tipperary's Lar Corbett celebrates scoring the opening goal.
Image: Cathal Noonan/INPHO

TIPPERARY AND OFFALY can count themselves somewhat lucky to remain in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship as both needed late comebacks to get this far. 

However, win they did and Portlaoise was the venue as they clash in Round 2 of the qualifiers.

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Tipperary 5-25 Offaly 1-20

18:3918.39 – Good evening y’all.

Steve O’Rourke has been held up by the Wexford Park über-drama so it is Patrick McCarry here to see us through the early stages of this qualifier.

18:4018.40 – Here are your two teams, starting with Tipp.


1. Darren Gleeson (Portroe)

2. Paddy Stapleton (Borris-Ileigh)
3. Paudie Maher (Thurles Sarsfields)
4. Michael Cahill (Thurles Sarsfields)

7. Cathal Barrett (Holycross Ballycahill)
6. James Barry (Upperchurch-Drombane)
5. Brendan Maher (Borris-Ileigh)

8. Kieran Bergin (Killenaule)
9. James Woodlock (Drom & Inch)

10. Gearóid Ryan (Templederry)
11. Patrick Maher (Lorrha-Dorrha)
12. John O’Dwyer (Killenaule)

13. Noel McGrath (Loughmore Castleiney)
14. Seamus Callanan (Drom and Inch)
15. Lar Corbett (Thurles Sarsfields)

18:4118.41 – And here is how The Faithful will line out.


1 James Dempsey (Kinnitty)

2 Niall Wynne (St Rynagh’s)
3 Rory Hanniffy (Birr)
4 Chris McDonald (Brosna Gaels)

21 Emmett Nolan (Birr)
5 Kevin Brady (Coolderry)
7 Cathal Parlon (Coolderry)

9 Sean Ryan (Birr)
14 Dan Currams (Kilcormac/Killoughey)

15 Joe Bergin (capt, Seir Kieran)
8 Conor Mahon (Kilcormac/Killoughey)
12 Colin Egan (Belmont)

13 Brian Carroll (Coolderry)
11 David Kenny (Belmont)
10 Shane Dooley (Tullamore)

18:5118.51Sky Sports have a fancier way of showing you who is playing.

18:5218.52 – Here is Seamus Callanan celebrating his late goal last weekend.

Seamus Callanan celebrates scoring his sides second goal

Source: James Crombie/INPHO

18:5518.55Offaly boss Brian Whelahan: While we won the game [against Antrim]. we definitely could have won it more comfortably. That instilled a lot of confidence.

Tipp boss Eamon O’Shea: We’re fighting for our lives. The same attitude applies; the opposition doesn’t matter.


I must grab you a screen-shot of Jamesie O’Connor in the Sky Sports studio. The well-dressed compliments from his TV debut must have zoomed straight to his head. He is so dapper this evening. So, so dapper.

19:0219.02 – National anthem is melodiously ringing around the ground. Poignant version. Nice.

19:0319.03 – Tipp fans, this should cheer ye up. Your footballers beat Laois in the qualifiers today.

Colin OÕRiordan celebrates

Tipperary's Colin O’Riordan celebrates after the final whistle.

Source: Cathal Noonan/INPHO

19:0419.04 – And we’re off. Early free but Callanan is left and wide from long-range. Bergin then has a pop but wide it goes too.

19:0519.05Tipperary 1-0 Offaly 0-0 – 2 mins Lar Corbett fires home from 12 yards out after there was a two-on-one created.

19:0819.08Tipperary 2-0 Offaly 0-1 – 4 mins They stream through again and Bonner Maher slashes home. Brian Carroll gets Offaly off the mark.

19:0919.09Tipperary 2-0 Offaly 0-2 – 5 mins  Another score for Carroll and this one from play. Found space and made it count.

19:1019.107 mins - A bit of wind at Bergin’s back so he has a dart from 70m out but it goes wide.

19:1219.12Tipperary 2-1 Offaly 0-3 – 8 mins Carroll is more accurate from right of the posts and 60m out. Over it goes. That should settle them after a very ropey start. Dennis Maher [on for Gearoid Ryan - blood ub] wins possession to knock over Tipp’s first point.


Just a quick update to let you know Wexford have beaten Clare 2-25 to 2-22.

19:1419.14Tipperary 2-2 Offaly 0-3 - Simple free chance for Tipp and Callanan makes no mistake this time. Ryan patched up and back on.

19:1519.1511 mins - O’Dwyer left and wide from play. The Tipp man with a rueful shake of the head.

19:1619.1613 mins - Carroll should have lobbed that over but his free drops short. Cleared with little hassle.

19:1819.18Tipperary 2-3 Offaly 0-3 – 14 mins O’Dwyer goes for goal but James Dempsey makes a great save. The sliotar eventually comes out to Woodlock and he bangs over an arcing point.

19:1919.19Tipperary 2-3 Offaly 0-4 – 15 mins Curram chips in with a fine point from play.

19:2019.20Tipperary 2-4 Offaly 0-5 – 17 mins Cathal Parlon the next to nick a point back for The Faithful but Tipp have a simple free coming up… Callanan dinks it over from 35m.

19:2119.21Tipperary 2-5 Offaly 0-6 – 19 mins Shane Dooley sends over a beauty from the left wing. Great score. Bergin responds for the hosts.

19:2219.2219 mins - Great take in defence by Paddy Stapleton. He took a few raps in the process to earn a free out.

19:2319.2321 mins - Ryan is disgusted. Clear on goal but the ref calls play back for a free.

19:2419.24Tipperary 2-5 Offaly 0-7 – 21 mins Carroll knocks over another free from slightly to the left of the sticks.

19:2619.2622 mins - Another wide for Tipp, this time from Noel McGrath. Mahon then has a low shot just skittling wide of the posts.

19:2719.27Tipperary 2-5 Offaly 0-8 – 24 mins More indiscipline from Tipp and Carroll bisects the posts from out near the right touchline.

19:2819.28Tipperary 2-5 Offaly 0-9- 24 mins Dooley with a hand-pass to Carroll and he scythes one over from out on the right wing. Lovely score.

19:2919.29 – Here’s Patrick ‘Bonner’ Maher scoring Tipp’s second:

Patrick Maher scores their second goal

Source: Cathal Noonan/INPHO

19:3119.31Tipperary 3-5 Offaly 0-10 – 28 mins Superb, smacked goal from Corbett after Callanan’s flicked pass set him up. The response is a Carroll free.

19:3319.33Tipperary 3-6 Offaly 0-10 – 30 mins Bonner Maher loses Brady, his marker, and uses the short-handled grip to send over his first point of the game.

19:3619.36Tipperary 3-7 Offaly 0-11 – 33 mins Portlaoise playing host to both sides today, on an evening where summer has gone amiss. Carroll gets an inch, takes a yard and sends another score over. McGrath pops over a point but Callanan wanted a pass as he was unmarked.

19:3819.38Tipperary 4-8 Offaly 0-11 – 34 mins So fluid, so graceful. Callanan has space out on the right and knocks over a fine score. Maher with the hand-pass moments later and in it goes, despite Dempsey’s brave efforts.

19:3919.39Tipperary 4-9 Offaly 0-11 – 35 + 1 mins Callanan pops over an easy score and Tipp are coasting now.



Scorers for Tipperary: Callanan 1-4 (3f), Corbett 2-0, P Maher 1-1, D Maher 0-1, Woodlock 0-1, Bergin 0-1, N McGrath 0-1.

Scorers for Offaly: Carroll 0-8 (5f), Curram 0-1, Parlon 0-1, Dooley 0-1.

19:4319.43 – Righto, I will hand over this goalfest to Steve O’Rourke. G’d luck!

19:5619.56THROW-IN - 

The second half is under way.

19:5719.57GOAL! Tipperary 4-9 Offaly 1-11 – 37mins: Colin Egan gets on the end of a speculative Brian Carroll and Offaly have given themselves a chance here.

19:5919.59Tipperary 4-9 Offaly 1-12 – 37mins: Referee Alan Kelly signals that one of the Tipperary players handled the ball on the ground and Brian Carroll takes his point.

20:0020.00Tipperary 4-10 Offaly 1-12 – 39mins: Seamus Callanan with Tipp’s first point of the second half to make it a goal and five for the full forward.

20:0220.02Tipperary 4-11 Offaly 1-12 – 39mins: That’s a brilliant point from Tipperary. Lar Corbett with a little flick is picked up by Kieran Bergin and the Killenaule man points.

20:0320.03Tipperary 4-11 Offaly 1-13 – 39mins: Shane Dooley points a 65 and the gap is seven points again.

20:0420.04Tipperary 4-11 Offaly 1-13 – 44mins: Brilliant moment there watching Noel McGrath look for the sliotar even though his hurley was on the field about 20m away from him.

20:0620.06Tipperary 4-11 Offaly 1-14 – 45mins: Joe Bergin with a nice score there for Offaly when he looked to have been crowded out of the game.

20:0720.07Tipperary 4-11 Offaly 1-15 – 46mins: Offaly really getting back into this, Brian Carroll brings his total to 1-10 and the gap is now five.

20:0920.09Tipperary 4-11 Offaly 1-16 – 48mins: Another Carroll free and it’s now a four point game. They can’t, can they?

20:1320.13Tipperary 4-13 Offaly 1-16 – 52mins: Callanan gets Tipperary’s first score in nearly 10 minutes and Bergin follows up with another point. The lead is now six.

20:1420.14Tipperary 4-14 Offaly 1-16 – 52mins: All of a sudden, Tipperary are racing ahead again, Callanan with another point from play.

20:1520.15Tipperary 4-15 Offaly 1-16 – 54mins: John O’Dwyer sweeps another score over the bar. Tipp have scored four in a row now.

20:1620.16Tipperary 4-16 Offaly 1-16 – 55mins: Lovely score from Lar Corbett as he gets his first point of the game.

20:1820.18Tipperary 4-17 Offaly 1-17 – 57mins: Offaly have no answer for this again, Paddy Stapleton with Tipperary’s latest score.

Joe Bergin does get one back for the Faithful.

20:2020.20Tipperary 4-18 Offaly 1-19 – 60mins: Callanan brings scores another free.

Carroll reduces the deficit to nine again but Offaly need goals.

20:2220.22Tipperary 4-20 Offaly 1-18 – 61mins: It’s now an 11 point lead for Tipperary as Bergin and Eoin Kelly – on as a sub – score back to back points.

20:2420.24Tipperary 4-20 Offaly 1-19 – 63mins: Another consolation point for Offaly and Brian Carrol. That’s not 13 points for the forward.

20:2620.26Tipperary 4-21 Offaly 1-19 – 65mins: Denis Maher scores his first point of the game and the lead is 11 again.

20:2820.28Tipperary 4-23 Offaly 1-20 – 67mins: Seamus Callanan brings his total to 1-9 before Jason Forde edges Tipperary closer to the handicap margin of 14 points as the rain descends in O’Moore Park.

Sean Ryan gets a point the other end to keep the gap at 12 points.

20:3020.30Tipperary 4-24 Offaly 1-20 – 69mins: Another Tipp point, another free from Callanan.

20:3120.31Tipperary 5-25 Offaly 1-20 – 70mins: Corbett brings his total to 2-2 as the lead is before Callanan grabs his second goal and the rout is almost complete.

20:3320.33FULL-TIME -

And it’s all over. Tipperary have run riot in the end and it’s the Premier County who’ll play in the All-Ireland quarter-finals with a comfortable 17-point win.

20:3420.34 – And that’s it from us. Thanks as always for joining us. We’ll have a report form this game up soon.

20:4420.44 – Before we go, here are the scorers from O’Moore Park:

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