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FOR SO MUCH of last week’s draw, it looked like Wexford were about to dump the reigning All-Ireland hurling champions out of this year’s tournament.

However, to their credit, Clare fought back and today the two sides had to do it all again.

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Good afternoon and welcome to’s liveblog of the All-Ireland SHC round one qualifier replay between Wexford and Clare in Wexford Park.

These two couldn’t be separated after extra-time last week, drawing 2-25 apiece despite Wexford leading by as many as nine points in the first half.

Throw-in is at 5pm.

We love predictions around here so will Wexford defy the odds – Clare are 4/11 to win today – and raise their game to the same level that saw them outgun the defending champions in the early stages last week?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Here is the Wexford team named to start with Diarmuid O’Keeffe returning to the first fifteen but there’s not place for Rory Jacob:

1. Mark Fanning

2. Liam Ryan
3. Matthew O’Hanlon
4. Keith Rossiter

5. Andrew Shore
6. Eoin Moore
7. Ciaran Kenny

8. David Redmond
9. Lee Chin

10. Paul Morris
11. Podge Doran
12. Diarmuid O’Keefe

22. Garrett Sinnott
14. Conor McDonald
15. Liam Óg McGovern

And here is the Clare XV named by Davy Fitzgerald with super sub Seadna Morey coming into midfield one of four changes for the defending champions.

1. Patrick Kelly

2. Cian Dillon
3. David McInerney
4. Jack Browne

5. Brendan Bugler
6. Conor Ryan
7. Pat O’Connor

17. Seadna Morey
9. Colm Galvin

10. John Conlon
11. Tony Kelly
12. Colin Ryan

13. Conor McGrath
14. Peter Duggan
21. Darach Honan

Ten minutes to throw-in now and anticipation is building.

“We’re not dwelling at all on last week,” Wexford manager Liam Dunne tells RTÉ ahead of the game adding, “we went out to do a job and we didn’t do it.”

Clare boss Davy Fitzgerald also tells the broadcaster his side must improve and not let Wexford push them into mistakes.

Game on Ger.

The national anthem strains trough the speakers in Wexford Park and we’re nearly set for throw-in.


And the game is under way.

Goal chance for Wexford after a long range Eoin Moore free drops short, however Clare defend well after something of a scramble in front of Patrick Kelly’s goal.

2 mins: Another goal chance there as a bad mistake is pounced on by Conor McDonald whose shot looks to have crossed the line despite Jack Browne’s efforts.

However, no green flag is raised and we’ll have to wait to see that again.

Clare 0-1 Wexford 0-0 – 4mins: We have the first score of the day as Conor McGrath points after some nice work in the build up.

John Conlon’s effort should have doubled their lead but it’s a bad wide.

Clare 0-1 Wexford 0-1 – 6mins: Paul Morris gets Wexford on the scoreboard with a simple free.

Clare 0-2 Wexford 0-1 – 7mins: Pat O’Connor having an excellent start in the half-back line for Clare, winning his third high ball in the opening minutes. That said, the balls in to the half-forwards have been speculative at best so far.

John Colon makes up for his earlier miss will a well taken point for the defending champions.

Clare 0-2 Wexford 0-1 – 10mins:  Ten minutes into the first game, Wexford had a 1-3 to one point lead. It’s just slightly different today.

Both teams have adopted a quick puck out strategy but Johnny Ryan the referee from Tipperary isn’t having any of it and has now asked for two to be retaken.

Clare 0-2 Wexford 0-1 – 14mins: Wexford have already hit four wides, Paul Morris with the latest from a very makable free.

Remember the home side have the strong breeze in their favour in the first have.

As I type, Lee Chin adds a fifth wide.

Clare 0-2 Wexford 0-2 – 16mins: Clare have been poor in the opening 16 minutes but Wexford are striking far too many wides. Paul Morris brings them level with his second free of the afternoon though.

Clare 0-3 Wexford 0-2 – 17mins: Silly foul given away by Wexford allows Colin Ryan to restore Clare’s lead with the easiest of frees.

Clare 0-3 Wexford 0-3 – 19mins:  Diarmuid O’Keefe with the best score of the game levels things up again for Wexford.

Clare 0-5 Wexford 0-3 – 21mins:  Tony Kelly puts Clare back in front before another high ball into the square causes another scramble in the visitors’ goalmouth. However, the sliotar roles wide. That’s seven wides so far.

Down the other end, John Conlon adds his second point of the game.

GOAL! Clare 1-5 Wexford 0-4 – 22mins:  Darach Honan puts Clare five points up with a well-taken goal. David Redmond gets a point back for Wexford who are paying for all those wides now.

Clare 1-5 Wexford 0-4 – 22mins:  Wexford’s Plan A is fairly obvious at this stage. Pump the ball high into the full-back line and hope for a break. It hasn’t set worked too well so far.

Peter Duggan had a chance for a second Clare goal but some tight Wexford marking sees the ball go wide.

Clare 1-5 Wexford 0-5 – 26mins:  A great burst from Liam Óg McGovern wins Wexford a close range free and Paul Morris adds his third point from place balls.

Clare 1-5 Wexford 0-6 – 28mins:  A ninth wide for Wexford as Jack Guiney comes in in place of Podge Doran in the half-forward line.

Lee Chin gets a score from an impossible angle to reduce the deficit to two points.

Clare 1-5 Wexford 0-6 – 34mins:  Peter Duggan’s storming run had score written all over it but the Wexford defence held strong.

RED CARD! Brendan Bugler gets the line for a strike after the whistle had gone. A stupid foul.

Clare 1-5 Wexford 0-6 – 35mins:  It looked like Wexford had taken the lead just before the break but the referee has given a free out and the goal doesn’t stand. Still a two point game.


It’s fair to say this has not been vintage. 16 wides – 12 to Wexford – and Clare lead by two points despite not scoring since the 22nd minute.

Here are the first-half scorers -

Clare: Darach Honan 1-0, John Conlon 0-2, Colin Ryan 0-1 (0-1f), Tony Kelly and Conor McGrath 0-1 each.

Wexford: Paul Morris 0-3 (0-3f), Diarmuid O’Keeffe, David Redmond and Lee Chin 0-1 each.


The second half is under way.

Clare 1-5 Wexford 0-7 – 36mins:  Just one between them after Liam Óg McGovern gets the first score of the second half.

Substitution: Rory Jacob (13) is on for Garrett Sinnott as Wexford attack into the breeze.

Clare 1-5 Wexford 0-8 – 34mins:  Paul Morris makes it a level game for the fourth time with his fourth free.

Clare 1-6 Wexford 0-8 – 40mins:  John Conlon – now wearing 29 – restores Clare’s lead. He’s been the best of a relatively quiet half-forward line so far.

Clare 1-7 Wexford 0-9 – 43mins:  Clare’s lead is now two as the goal scorer Darach Honan adds a point to his maximum.

Down the other end, Jack Guiney reduces it back to a single score with an easy free.

Substitution: Free-taker Paul Morris has been replaced by Ian Byrne for Wexford.

Clare 1-9 Wexford 0-10 – 45mins:  Jack Guiney’s second free answers Colm Galvins score before Conor McGrath makes the lead two points once more.

Clare 1-10 Wexford 0-10 – 46mins:  Clare on top now and their lead is three after a fine Tony Kelly score.

RED CARD! - Clare are down to 13 men as Jack Browne rightly receives a second yellow card after the intervention of linesman Barry Kelly

Clare 1-10 Wexford 0-11 – 48mins:  Jack Guiney points the resulting free.

GOALS! Clare 2-10 Wexford 1-12 – 51mins:  Who needs 15 players? The 13 of Clare grab their second goal of the game.

However, Conor McDonald replies immediately with a maximum of his own. Rory Jacob points from the puck out and it’s a one point game.

Wexford 1-14 – Clare – 2-10 54mins:  Wexford are ahead for the first time after first Liam Óg McGovern points from play before Jack Guiney’s fourth free since coming on at the break gives them the lead.

Wexford 1-15 – Clare – 2-11 54mins:  Colin Ryan levels things up for the 13 men briefly before Lee Chin waltzes through the Clare defence. The extra men are starting to tell.

Wexford 1-15 – Clare – 2-12 59mins: Massive score from Clare goalkeeper Pa Kelly as he uses the breeze to level things up from range.

Wexford 1-16 – Clare – 2-13 59mins: More impressive striking from dead balls, this time from Jack Guiney who has five since coming on. John Conlon keeps Clare in the game with a score from play.

Wexford 1-17 – Clare – 2-13 61mins: Guiney gets his first from play and the home side lead again.

Wexford 1-17 – Clare – 2-13 64mins: A bad miss from Colin Ryan there with just six minutes remaining.

Wexford 1-17 – Clare – 2-13 66mins: A third goal chance from Clare but they can’t convert and the home side clear the dange.

Wexford 1-18 – Clare – 2-13 68mins: Wexford lead by two with two minutes left, Jack Guiney with his seventh score since coming on at the break.

Wexford 1-18 – Clare – 2-14 70mins: Colin Ryan makes it a one point game and there’ll be three minutes of injury time.

Extra time again?

Wexford 1-18 – Clare – 2-14 70+1mins: Harry Keogh with a terrible miss when he could have put his sides two points clear.

Wexford 1-18 – Clare – 2-14 70+3mins: Clare have a chance to level with a 65 deep, deep into injury time…..

Wexford 1-18 – Clare – 2-14 70+5mins: And Colin Ryan has put it over and we’re into extra time again…what a finish.

Full-time -

Clare just won’t lie down will they? Somehow – though mostly because of all those Wexford wides – they’ve managed to get a draw despite being down to 13 men for much of the second half.

Scorers for Clare: John Conlon 1-4, Darach Honan 1-1, Colin Ryan 0-4 (0-3f, 0-165), Tony Kelly and Conor McGrath 0-2 each,, Pa Kelly 0-1 (0-1f) Colm Galvin 0-1.

Scorers for Wexford: Jack Guiney 0-7 (0-6f), Conor McDonald 1-0, Paul Morris 0-4 (0-4f), Liam Óg McGovern and Lee Chin 0-2 each, Diarmuid O’Keeffe , David Redmond, Rory Jacob and Lee Chin 0-1 each.

Extra-time to follow.


Extra-time is under way. Waterford have to be the happiest team in the country right now.

ET: Clare – 2-16 Wexford 1-18  2mins: Conor McGrath gets the first score of extra time as Clare shoot against the breeze for the first half.

ET: Clare – 2-16 Wexford 1-19  4mins: Conor McDonald adds a point to his earlier goal and the teams are level for the 10th time.

ET: Clare – 2-18 Wexford 1-20  7mins: Jamie Shanahan gives Clare a two point lead lead. They’re his first points in this year’s Championship.

Paul Morris gets his first point from play to reduce the deficit to the minimum.

GOAL! ET: Wexford 2-20 - Clare – 2-18 9mins: A BRILLIANT goal for Harry Keogh after a wonderful pass from Jack Guiney and Wexford now lead by two.


The pass for that goal was just brilliant. Can the home-side hang on?

Scorers for Wexford: Jack Guiney 0-7 (0-6f), Conor McDonald 1-1, Paul Morris 0-4 (0-4f), Harry Keogh 1-0, Liam Óg McGovern and Lee Chin 0-2 each, Diarmuid O’Keeffe , David Redmond, Rory Jacob and Lee Chin 0-1 each.

Scorers for Clare: John Conlon 1-4, Darach Honan 1-1, Colin Ryan 0-4 (0-3f, 0-165), Tony Kelly, Conor McGrath and Jamie Shanahan 0-2 each, Pa Kelly 0-1 (0-1f) Colm Galvin 0-1.


And the second half in extra-time is under way.

ET: Wexford 2-20 - Clare – 2-19 12mins: Liam Óg McGovern misses the chance to put Wexford three up and then the home side give away a needless free with Colin Ryan points.

ET: Wexford 2-21 - Clare – 2-20 13mins: Conlon makes it level again with a point from play but Paul Morris puts Wexford back into the lead.

ET: Wexford 2-21 - Clare – 2-21 14mins: Conor McGrath levels things up again.

ET: Wexford 2-22 - Clare – 2-21 15mins: Paul Morris with another from play and Wexford lead by one again with five minutes to play.

ET: Wexford 2-22 - Clare – 2-22 15mins: Tony Kelly makes it a level game for the 13th time. Harry Keogh with another bad wide when he had a chance to put Wexford ahead again.

ET: Wexford 2-23 - Clare – 2-22 17mins: Jack Guiney makes no such mistake and the home side are ahead with three minutes left.

ET: Wexford 2-23 - Clare – 2-22 18mins: Someone on the Wexford bench would want to tell Harry Keogh to stop shooting. It’s another wide when he really should have scored.

ET: Wexford 2-24 - Clare – 2-22 20mins: Is that the game? Jack Guiney with his 9th score of the match puts two between the teams.

ET: Wexford 2-24 - Clare – 2-22 20+1mins: Conor McGrath puts it wide and unless the get a goal in the next 30 seconds, the defending champions are out.

ET: Wexford 2-25 Clare – 2-22 20+1mins: Jack Guiney with his 10th score and Wexford…finally… beat Clare!


It’s taken two games going all the way to extra time but Wexford have finally put their finishing line fever behind them and dumped the All-Ireland champions out of this year’s competition with a three point win.

Scorers for Wexford: Jack Guiney 0-10 (0-8f), Conor McDonald 1-1, Paul Morris 0-6 (0-4f), Harry Keogh 1-0, Liam Óg McGovern and Lee Chin 0-2 each, Diarmuid O’Keeffe , David Redmond, Rory Jacob and Lee Chin 0-1 each.

Scorers for Clare: John Conlon 1-6 (0-1f), Darach Honan 1-1, Colin Ryan 0-4 (0-3f, 0-165), Tony Kelly 0-3, Conor McGrath and Jamie Shanahan 0-2 each, Pa Kelly 0-1 (0-1f) Colm Galvin 0-1.

Right, that’s it from me. I’m charging double time but I’m sure it’ll be no problem.

Thanks as always for joining us. We’ll have a report and reaction from players and manager soon.

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