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YouTube Top 10: because we love it when ROG talks dirty to us

Socrates, the Matrix and a kid drinking beer at the footy – we’ve got it all this week.
Dec 8th 2011, 3:56 PM 1,681 2

10. The world of football said a sad goodbye to another football legend this week as Socrates shuffled off this mortal coil. He never did win that Sigerson Cup medal, but his career was still chock-full of highlights. Here are some of his best.
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YouTube Credit: joca1977


9. Tiger’s back, baby. And, more importantly, so is “Mashed Potato” guy who popped up to inspire Tiger to victory at the Chevron World Challenge last weekend. Coincidence? I think not…
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YouTube Credit: garlad

8. If you don’t want to read the kids a bedtime story tonight, just stick this on the laptop for them. It’s the heartwarming tale of how Carlos Tevez saved Christmas. What a guy.

YouTube: fitbathatba

7. Warning: this one is not for the faint-hearted or squeamish. However, it is for those of you who have ever wondered what happens when a bowler gets hit in the face with the full force of a cricket ball. It ain’t pretty.
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YouTube Credit: robusteagle

6. Paul Kimmage picked up the William Hill Irish Sports Book of the Year Award today for “Engage”, his biography of Matt Hampson. The book’s not about him, but Kimmage still manages to slip in the odd personal insight, such as the fact that he doesn’t like Lance Armstrong. Who knew?
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YouTube: cyclefilm

5. Remember the good old days when you were just a wee nipper? You could just pop off to watch Schalke with a beer and a bratwurst, not a care in the world.
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YouTube Credit: MauricePodoloff

4. Say what you like about US comedy How I Met Your Mother, but if nothing else, they’ve got the LeBron bashing down.

YouTube Credit: Orlysms

3. Andy Carroll hasn’t scored in quite a while, unless you count this celebration with Lukasz Fabianski on FIFA 12. Which I don’t.
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YouTube Credit: Facepalm4me


2. If they ever relaunch the Matrix series, this high school American football player — whoever he is — needs to get a call.
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YouTube Credit: YcelanProd

1. He makes his 100th Heineken Cup appearance for Munster this weekend, so what better way to celebrate Ronan O’Gara’s legacy than by reliving his finest moment — speaking French on live TV.
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YouTube Credit: conorryan79


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