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MPs could vote on May's deal for FOURTH time as it's warned hard Brexit is 'nearly inevitable'
Meanwhile, Leo Varadkar said: “No one should underestimate the difficulties that a no deal will present.”
Theresa May's spokesman says the Brexit crisis she predicted 'has come to pass'
Another planned meaningful vote on her deal may not take place after intervention from the Speaker of the House.
The TrailFix: Surely these lads could put their differences aside and cut a deal?
The best and worst bits from today’s #ge16 campaign trail.
London 2012: Introducing… Chloe Magee
The Donegal-born athlete is looking to build on her success at the 2008 Olympics.
London 2012: Introducing... Paddy Barnes
The 2008 bronze medallist is another big hope for Ireland this time around. Just don’t mention Turkey or the world rankings.