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7 reasons we want all 500,000 Dortmund fans to get Champions League final tickets

And not just because they’re awesome.
May 7th 2013, 2:49 PM 7,491 2

UEFA RELEASED FIGURES today saying over 750,000 fans had applied for tickets for the Champions League final.

Two thirds of those applying were Dortmund fans, with ‘just’ a quarter of a million Munich fans seeking tickets.

If we could though, we’d have every single Dortmund fan there.

Here’s why?

Imagine a yellow wall (Die gelbe Wand) half a million deep?

They clearly wouldn’t get seasick on the journey over

YouTube Credit: feras074

They’re not afraid to tell their own players exactly what they think

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Image: @footballfact101

For those of you wondering what it says: “The pursuit of money shows how much heart you really have,” the banner read. “Fuck off Götze!”

Or tell the club exactly who they’d like them to sign as his replacement

YouTube Credit: nohashi76

If we let them all in, there’s a chance we’ll see a few more of their fancy jackets

Image: Steve Morton/EMPICS Sport

We know when they travel in large numbers they like an old sing-song

YouTube Credit: genericupload1

Did we mention how cool the yellow wall is?

Image: Tumblr/heckyesfootball

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