# 99 Problems

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# 99 Problems
Klopp on Liverpool's defeat in Belgrade: 'What went wrong? I only have 10 fingers...'
The Reds were given a wake-up call in Serbia as their hosts condemned the high-flying Premier League side to defeat in Europe.
# 99 Problems
Cost of 99 ice creams to rise as Irish companies hit by vanilla price hike
Some companies have stopped making vanilla-flavoured ice cream altogether.
# 99 Problems
'It's about how we speak and live': How rap music is saving languages on the brink of extinction
From Norwegians to Native Americans, people are using rap music to keep indigenous language alive.
# flake it
The true 99 has finally arrived in America thanks to an Irish bar in New York
Yes, with Cadbury Flake.
# 99 Problems
Ireland's biggest 99 has been spotted in a Donegal shopping centre
What a beast.
# 99 Problems
It's bonanza time for ice cream sellers, but can they make up for a wet June?
A wet and cold few weeks means most shops are playing catch-up.
# 99 Problems
9 important problems Irish people need to be addressed immediately
I got 99 problems…
# 99 Problems
How did ice-cream sellers cope with the worst July ever summoned by Mother Nature?
One company we talked to has even taken to using Irish rainwater as a key ingredient in its sorbets.
# 99 Problems
16 tweets that perfectly sum up being a parent
It’s the little struggles.
# 99 Problems
14 top Irish ice cream spots to visit this summer
But which one to choose?
# 99 Problems
10 ways to take ice cream to the next level this summer
When a 99 just isn’t enough.
# 99 Problems
A brazen thief stole an entire ice cream fridge while the store cashier was napping
Giving a whole new meaning to: β€œHe’d sleep through anything”.
# 99 Problems
11 everyday decisions that drive you bonkers
Life is needlessly complicated.
# Jay Z
Jay Z's "99 Problems" broken down by law professor
The law professor uses the song to illustrate the legal dos and don’ts of drug smuggling.
# 99 Problems
What have Ashley Cole and Jay-Z got in common? Food taste, apparently
Player also asks critics to judge him on his football, not tabloid stories about his private life.
# 99 Problems
NBA launch investigation into Jay-Z's conduct
Rapper reportedly violated league rules to prevent tapping-up of college players.