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Last year
Six-hour cleanup at north Dublin beach after sand is left strewn with beer bottles and plastic
Photos of the debris provoked anger and cricitism online this morning.
Donegal councillor defiant over accusations he took colleague's phone during meeting
Gardaí are investigating.
Poll: Do you think it's okay to pee in the sea?
Let us know.
All time
Poll: Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?
It’s not that far away now, to be fair.
Man arrested in Kuwait for complaining about the weather
The Egyptian national was held after an online rant about dust storms.
'Stop it, it's ridiculous': Toilet paper limits imposed in Australia to stop virus panic buying
Prime Minister Scott Morrison scolded those who were panic buying.
Frenchman fined after crossing mountains to buy cheap cigarettes
He fell into a stream, in brambles, got lost and ended up contacting the emergency services.
Woman dressed as celery ejected from Kerry polling station
It appears the pair are vegan and involved in anti meat-eating campaigns.
Barcelona loanee Arda Turan hit with suspended sentence for firing a gun in a hospital
The 32-year-old was involved in an incident last year which led to him being charged with three offences, but is likely to avoid any actual jail time.
Men suspected of robbing copper arrested after trying to escape on sulky
The incident was caught on CCTV.
Gigi and Bella are reportedly using ‘books as accessories’ so here are 5 others they could use
This was actually a headline that ran.
Wisconsin school ends cheerleading awards for best breasts and bum
You just can’t be at that nonsense.
Netflix tells people to cop on and stop doing everyday tasks blindfolded for the Bird Box Challenge
Videos of people doing the challenge have been widespread since the release of the Netflix show.
Advert for 'glorified shed', being rented for €700/month, removed from website
The listing for the Dublin property was removed after a backlash.
Someone in Ireland is sitting on €1 million euro and has just hours to claim it
The winning Quick Pick ticket was sold at the Eason Store in the Wilton Shopping Centre in Cork City.
Gardaí caught a few people acting the maggot on Irish roads this weekend
A number of fines were issued.
A burglar was caught moonwalking on CCTV on RTÉ's Crimecall last night and it was so weird
Not-so-smooth criminal.
Dara Ó Briain called out BBC News for this map that appeared to put Ireland outside the EU
*taps mic*: “lads, we’re still in the EU”
23 thoughts everyone has when they watch Titanic
I watched Titanic (again) for this.
A guy from Cork was on the new UK Blind Date and one of his options was wearing a wedding dress
Confused judge awards rounds to wrong fighter in Belfast world title bout
Ryan Burnett dominated Lee Haskins on his way to victory but it was announced as a split-decision win.
Barry's Tea has launched its own range of cocktails and it's peak notions
There’s actual tea in them.
Everyone thought tonight was going to be when they finally ended the Katy storyline on Fair City
Never. Ending.
Women have been sharing the worst examples of mansplaining they've ever encountered
Including dark matter getting explained to a NASA astrophysicist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Chanel's €1260 branded boomerang is coming in for all sorts of criticism
From pure notions to offending an entire nation.
French election frontrunner Emmanuel Macron takes aim at Ireland's corporate tax rate
Macron made specific reference to the Apple Tax farrago as part of a critique of inequal corporate tax regimes across the EU.
Topshop is selling these 'clear plastic jeans' for €76 and enough is enough
You’d be praying for rain.
10 frankly ludicrous items of clothing that ASOS is trying to fob off on us
'Public smooching is terrorism': Japanese killjoys wage war on Valentine's Day
The Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women find Unattractive is spearheading the campaign.
Ed Sheeran was reunited with his childhood best friend on Graham Norton last night
So good.
Leicester protest against Vardy ban with 30,000 masks
The Foxes striker is serving a three-match suspension after his red card against Stoke City.
Everyone is taking the piss out of this ludicrous Cosmo sex story
Why though.
French lock Pape warned over 'exaggerated fall' during red-card incident
The Stade Francais second row didn’t cover himself in glory against Edinburgh.
Ace Dublin deli Juniors has brought back its epic Christmas sandwich due to popular demand
Appropriately called The Christmas Cracker.
11 Irish items on sale for tourists that are definitely taking the piss
The most Mayo parking job of all time was the talk of Kilkelly last night
Why. How.
An American website called Kerrygold 'fancy butter' and Irish people cried notions
It’s just *real* butter.
You won't be able to watch the first El Clasico of the season live on TV
The 3:15pm kick-off for Barcelona v Real Madrid means it will not be broadcast live on these shores.
Man United the first British club to earn more than half a billion pounds in one year
And the revenue is expected to keep rising.
The layout of this wedding invitation is deeply unfortunate
And it’s delighting the internet.