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'Mental health awareness is at the core of the project, but we wanted to go a level deeper'
Alan O’Mara tells The42 about the Real Talks with SOSAD Ireland well-being series, which involves powerful conversations with Irish sporting figures.
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'No win, save, tackle, shot or goal is worth damaging a brain for. We all only get one brain'
In a conversation with Donegal’s Kate Keaney, ex-Cavan goalkeeper, Alan O’Mara, detailed the trauma involved when a player suffers concussion.
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'I tried those quick solutions...they tend not to work': Ex-Cavan footballer Alan O'Mara on taking care of your mental health
Alan O’Mara is hosting a Real Talks discussion with members of the female Dublin All Ireland football as part of the First Fortnight mental health and arts festival.
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60,000 listens in over 80 countries! How a GAA podcast is promoting better conversations
“The most important thing I have in my life that keeps me well and has changed my life is having better conversations,” Alan O’Mara tells The42.
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'The second half of the night was harder but we knew we weren’t experiencing the real thing'
Alan O’Mara was one of the many GAA stars who slept out in solidarity with Ireland’s homeless on Saturday night.
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'I found myself after big matches looking through the paper to see was my name on it'
Cork dual star Briege Corkery was speaking on Alan O’Mara’s Real Talks podcast.
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'If I didn't have sport, I could have gone down many bad alleyways'
Mayo star Cora Staunton is the latest guest on Alan O’Mara’s Real Talks podcast.
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'You're living in a bubble and it's not reality. Your life is intoxicated by playing'
Waterford’s Noel Connors is the latest guest on Alan O’Mara’s Real Talks podcast.
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'You’re thinking you’re going to die here, you’re going to have a heart attack on a bus'
Former Donegal star Eamon McGee has recounted his struggles with anxiety, panic attacks and alcohol.
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'It's liberating' - Tipp's All-Ireland winning captain Maher on handing over the role
Brendan Maher discussed a wide range of topics with former Cavan goalkeeper Alan O’Mara in the latest Real Talks podcast.
Price of mental health treatment can cost the same as 'average Dublin rent'
There have been calls to make psychotherapy accessible to all those who require it.
'I knew it had to happen, but the reality was that stepping away from the panel terrified me'
Cavan footballer Alan O’Mara has written a memoir about his struggles with depression. An extract from his book, The Best is Yet to Come, tells about his choice to take a break from the game.
Column: I thought I was just trying to beat depression in a one-off fight
Cavan GAA player Alan O’Mara shares his personal experience of living with depression.