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This year
‘A murderer who won’t be missed’: Was the death of the Wagner leader inevitable?
US president Joe Biden had warned Yevgeny Prigozhin to be ‘careful’ of poisoning after his Wagner group staged a mutiny in Russia.
Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin is still in Russia, says Belarus president
‘As far as Prigozhin is concerned, he is in Saint Petersburg… He is not in Belarus,’ Alexander Lukashenko told reporters.
Belarusian star refuses French Open press conference 'to feel safe'
Aryna Sabalenka did not comment on reports she supports Alexander Lukashenko.
Belarusian activist plucked off Ryanair flight in 2021 is jailed for 8 years
Protasevich has been accused of helping coordinate mass protests against Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko’s regime in 2020.
Zelenskyy says Ukraine 'will never forgive' on Bucha anniversary as Belarus warns of nuclear war
In the days following the Russian withdrawal from Bucha on this day last year, the horrors inflicted on the town began to come to light.
Putin says Russia will station tactical nuclear weapons in neighbouring Belarus
Putin said the move is not ‘unusual’ and that ‘the United States has been doing this for decades’.
Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko 'fully supports' China's 'Peace Plan' for Ukraine
China recently published a position paper on Moscow’s war in Ukraine insisting it is a neutral party and calling for dialogue.
Belarus begins trial in absentia of protest leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya
Tikhanovskaya, who claimed victory in the 2020 presidential election, faces a litany of charges including high treason.
All time
Proposed changes to Belarusian constitution would enable president to stay in office until 2035
The proposed amendments are published on the president’s official website.
Belarus opposition leader Tikhanovsky jailed for 18 years
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Sergei Tikhanovsky’s wife and self-exiled current opposition leader, denounced the verdict on Twitter.
Belarus mother of five jailed over ‘unsanctioned mass gatherings’
Volha Zalatar was arrested on the street when she was taking her 10-year-old daughter to music school.
President of Belarus offers to host Russian nuclear weapons
Alexander Lukashenko has also said for the first time that he recognises the contested Crimean Peninsula as part of Russia.
Poland says border crisis 'greatest' bid to destabilise Europe since Cold War
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is visiting the Baltic states to discuss the conflict.
Minsk says it will repatriate migrants at Polish border, as EU broadens its Belarus sanctions
Iraq has recorded 571 of its citizens on the border who have said they are ready to return “voluntarily”.
Belarus leader denies repression a year after disputed vote
President Alexander Lukashenko also promised to step down ‘very soon’ but would not say when exactly.
Last protest leader still in Belarus goes on trial accused of ‘conspiring to steal power’
Lukashenko has been cracking down on opponents since protests erupted last year following ‘unfair’ elections.
Missing Belarus activist found dead in Ukraine, UN calls for 'thorough' investigation
Vitaly Shishov ran an NGO that helped his compatriots flee repression in Belarus.
Belarus authorities raid homes and offices of journalists and human rights activists
Authorities raided the homes of dozens of NGO workers and journalists across the country.
Belarus government accused of mounting misinformation attacks on journalist
An online campaign launched against Belarussian journalist, Roman Protasevich, alleges he has ties to Neo-Nazi groups.
Belarus restricts citizens from leaving country
Only citizens with papers granting them a “permanent stay in a foreign state” are allowed to leave Belarus.
Protest in solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners takes place in Dublin
The gathering was small and in line with Covid-19 regulations which limit how many can meet in public.
What's happened in Belarus since last year's protests against president Alexander Lukashenko?
Yesterday’s incident was the latest in a series of crackdowns against the country’s opposition.
Anti-Lukashenko protests in Belarus continue as dozens are arrested in Minsk
Demonstrators waving the opposition’s red and white flag marched on the outskirts of the capital.
Ireland 'deeply troubled' by Belarus' threat to take children from protester parents
More than 700 people were jailed following latest anti-government protests in Belarus, the country’s interior ministry said on Monday.
EU launches sanctions against Belarus leader Lukashenko
Envoys from member states have given the green light to freeze Lukashenko’s assets.
Strikes in Belarus as protests against president continue
There have been protests in Belarus since early August.
Belarus threatens to fire on anti-Lukashenko protesters as demonstrations rumble on
EU foreign ministers agreed to impose sanctions personally targeting the strongman leader.
Belarus president closes borders with Poland and Lithuania and puts army on alert
Protesters have been demanding the resignation of president Alexander Lukashenko since the August election.
Tens of thousands rally in Belarus amid mass arrests
“I came out for freedom,” one protester said today in Minsk.
Belarus police detain dozens of female protesters as thousands take to the streets
A massive protest is expected in Minsk tomorrow.
Belarus opposition figure who went missing is detained at Ukraine border
Maria Kolesnikova was detained while trying to cross overnight into Ukraine.
Belarus opposition figure Maria Kolesnikova 'kidnapped'
Hundreds of people were detained by police after weekend protests.
Strike leader detained in Belarus as crackdown continues
The arrest is part of an effort to stifle weeks of protests demanding the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko.
Belarus detains more people as protests demanding leader’s resignation continue
The renewed crackdown on protesters comes as authorities crank up pressure on the opposition, jailing several activists.
Taoiseach speaks to Belarusian opposition leader to voice support, amid third week of Minsk protests
The Taoiseach expressed Ireland’s solidarity with the people of Belarus in their pursuit of democracy and human rights.
Tens of thousands take to the streets in Belarus demanding the resignation of the president
Officials warned Belarusians not to participate in “illegal demonstrations”.
EU rejects Belarus' disputed presidential election result as Lukashenko orders clampdown
Protesters have flooded the streets of Belarusian cities since the 9 August election.
'There will be no new election until you kill me': Lukashenko is defiant as EU leaders to discuss next steps
Lukashenko tried to rally support today but was met with workers chanting at him to “go away”.
Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko rejects election rerun on seventh day of protests
Lukashenko said earlier that he has support from Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Thousands continue protests in Belarus as president discusses unrest with Vladimir Putin
Crowds gathered in Minsk to honour a protester who died during this week’s crackdown.