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April 2023
Opinion: Shouldn't protest art provoke exactly the response we've seen this week?
Art History and Cultural Policy Associate Professor, Dr Emily Mark-FitzGerald, looks at the controversy this week around a reworked famine-era eviction scene.
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The genius Tabloid Art History Twitter account compares paparazzi shots with priceless paintings
A whole new way to learn about art.
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13 memories you'll only have if you studied Leaving Cert Art
Leaving Cert FART, are we right lads?!
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Could Mona Lisa have been a feminist who wanted more women in the Church?
One amateur art historian believes he has the story behind that smile…
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Surprise! Hidden devil discovered by accident in famed Italian artwork
The smirking devil’s face as discovered completely by chance by an art historian attempting to date the Giotto piece in the Assisi basilica.
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Human remains to be exhumed to recreate Mona Lisa smile
Controversial art historian says he believes he can reconstruct Da Vinci model’s face… as long as he can find her bones at all.