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# Social Housing
Murphy says it's 'ultimately fair' those who turn down two 'reasonable' social housing offers be blacklisted for 5 years
Murphy is set to reform the current process, extending the time a person won’t receive an offer from one year to five.
# Tax Havens
'A rigged global tax system': Oxfam says Ireland is a tax haven by EU standards
The new report by Oxfam argues that Ireland fails to meet the criterion on fair taxation.
# Blacklisted
Donald Trump isn't letting up on his fight against North Korea
The US President is targeting the companies that deal with North Korea.
# Blacklisted
Ukraine has blacklisted French actor Gerard Depardieu
The 66-year-old actor has described Russia as a “great democracy”.
# Blacklisted
Do you watch Premier League games online? Well, we're sorry to be the bearer of bad news
Another wave of illegal streaming sites have been blocked by the FA.
# High Standards
Blacklisted: Dan Carter snubbed in New Zealand player of the year nominations
The three lads up for the main award are pretty handy though.
# Blacklisted
Blacklisted Irish construction workers to sue UK company
The company allegedly used information about trade union activity, employment history and workers’ personal lives to refuse them work.
Column: Time to ask questions about Irish army deserters during World War II
What do we know about the men who deserted during the war? Noble heroes who fought for the allies, mercenaries who battled the Nazis, or simply men who wanted out, asks Dr Michael Kennedy.
# Out in the Cold
No further questions: RTÉ presenter “banned” by the FAI
The FAI is refusing to deal with sports host Des Cahill, according to reports.