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Last month
June 2024
Why French (and Irish) fans are perpetually having the same debate
A new book, ‘Va-Va-Voom,’ explores France’s modern football history.
How a sports book ‘no one's going to want to read’ became ‘a masterpiece’
This year
Extract: 'I felt a kind of bereavement for the Mayo of my youth and my stories'
Colin Barrett
Last year
'It brought back so many nightmares. Not memories . . . nightmares' - Pat Spillane
The most decorated footballer ever details the hell he was subjected to after taking a stand for rural Ireland, and argues that RTÉ have misjudged their audience.
'They were more or less saying that playing soccer for Ireland doesn't really mean anything'
Extract: 'With the GAA's nationalist ties, Irish soccer faced a strong challenge'
Conor Curran
'Every time you play now, you feel so lucky' - Ciaran Murphy's love letter to the GAA
The life and death of the man who 'saved' Alex Ferguson's career
Extract: 'Gently paced and physically undemanding, the voyage was the essence of slow travel'
Gwen Wilkinson
Extract: Colman Noctor's 4-7 Zone - 'it turns out moderation is key'
Dr Colman Noctor
How one football game in 1989 changed Phil Quinlan’s life forever
‘There's a segment of America that doesn't like LeBron... Fox News has really gone after him'
Extract: 'I didn't see a future for myself then and never imagined I'd reach where I am today'
Jennifer Carroll
The story of the world champion who ended up in a homeless shelter
Prince Harry's memoir becomes fastest-selling non-fiction book in UK since records began
French journalists go on trial accused of blackmailing the king of Morocco
Psychologist: Media coverage of Prince Harry's book is the perfect example of 'bad news sells'
Dr Jolanta Burke
Harry's latest TV interviews make waves in UK press as new book to launch
Poll: Will you read Prince Harry's book?
All time
'March 2nd, 2014 was one of the most important days of my life'
'So, what’s your best Phil Mickelson story?'
England's 'superiority complex' held them back for decades, so what has changed?
The story of how Belgium went from no-hopers to world number one
Donal Fallon: The Castle, the intrigue and the Italians - welcome to old Dublin's Ship Street
Donal Fallon
‘Players have trust issues because a lot of people outside of football will try to take advantage of you’
‘You box, you grin and you get knocked out’ - Roddy Collins on life
A mystery novel set during 1816 chosen as the 2023 One Dublin One Book
Bono announces book tour across 14 cities ahead of release of memoir
The Irish Read: 'Summers were for plants and foolishness, autumns for oblivion'
Extract: Making sense of a united Ireland - which was long deemed impossible
Brendan O'Leary
Two iconic, World Cup-winning brothers and their complicated, bittersweet relationship
'I'll go to my grave knowing that Phil never asked me to go off the record'
How the history of football reveals a deep-seated antipathy towards women
Louise O'Neill: 'Be an influencer? I couldn't think of a job I'd dislike more'
What Man United can learn from the reawakening of another European football giant
Poll: Will you read Bono's memoir?
How the last Busby Babe escaped Troubles-era Belfast
The story behind the Premier League's most underappreciated trailblazer
'Robert was suffering from an illness that can hit anybody, whatever you do'
Opinion: 'There are few intergenerational battles as charged as the quest for the mobile phone'
Eithne Shortall