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This week
4th June 2023 - 8th June 2023
Extract: 'Gently paced and physically undemanding, the voyage was the essence of slow travel'
Explorer, artist and ecologist Gwen Wilkinson shares an extract from her book The Waters and the Wild.
Last month
May 2023
Extract: Colman Noctor's 4-7 Zone - 'it turns out moderation is key'
The psychotherapist shares an extract from his new book, which encourages the reader to sit with their stress, understand it and re-wire their responses.
# Interview
How one football game in 1989 changed Phil Quinlan’s life forever
‘And a Bang on the Ear’ tells the inspirational story about a sports-mad 15-year-old’s attempts to overcome a devastating injury.
# Superstar
‘There's a segment of America that doesn't like LeBron... Fox News has really gone after him'
Hated by Donald Trump and loved by Jay Z, America’s greatest active athlete is also its most divisive, as Jeff Benedict details in a new biography.
This year
Extract: 'I didn't see a future for myself then and never imagined I'd reach where I am today'
Instagram influencer Jennifer Carroll shares a chapter from her new book, ‘Jen’s Journey’.
# rise and fall
The story of the world champion who ended up in a homeless shelter
Tris Dixon speaks about his new book on Matthew Saad Muhammad and his own relationship with the late fighter.
# going spare
Prince Harry's memoir becomes fastest-selling non-fiction book in UK since records began
His autobiography Spare sold 467,183 copies in its first week of sales.
# Blackmail
French journalists go on trial accused of blackmailing the king of Morocco
Morocco accuses one of the journalista of offering to halt the book’s publication in exchange for €3 million.
Psychologist: Media coverage of Prince Harry's book is the perfect example of 'bad news sells'
Dr Jolanta Burke looks at the media’s handling of the new autobiography by the British prince.
# UK royals
Harry's latest TV interviews make waves in UK press as new book to launch
He claims Camilla is ‘dangerous’ and ‘the villain’, while the tabloid press are labelled ‘the devil’.
# Your Say
Poll: Will you read Prince Harry's book?
Spare will be released on 10 January.
Last year
# Looking Back
'March 2nd, 2014 was one of the most important days of my life'
Read an extract from ‘Ian McKinley: Second Sight: Rugby and Redemption.’
# Anecdotes
'So, what’s your best Phil Mickelson story?'
Read an extract from ‘Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorized!) Biography of Golf’s Most Colorful Superstar.’
# New Era
England's 'superiority complex' held them back for decades, so what has changed?
Paul Hayward discusses his new book and how a sense of entitlement has hampered the English game for years.
# fall and rise
The story of how Belgium went from no-hopers to world number one
A look at the history of Belgian football as they prepare for their first World Cup match today.
Donal Fallon: The Castle, the intrigue and the Italians - welcome to old Dublin's Ship Street
One of Dublin’s most intriguing locations is examined by the historian.
# doubt
‘Players have trust issues because a lot of people outside of football will try to take advantage of you’
Read an extract on Jonathan Walters from Gareth Maher’s new book on Irish players in the Premier League.
# Interview
‘You box, you grin and you get knocked out’ - Roddy Collins on life
The manager and former player chats about his new book and career in football.
# the coroner's daughter
A mystery novel set during 1816 chosen as the 2023 One Dublin One Book
The Coroner’s Daughter is a novel about a nursemaid who conceals her pregnancy and murders her newborn.
# Stories of Surrender
Bono announces book tour across 14 cities ahead of release of memoir
The tour will stop in Dublin on Monday, 21 November.
The Irish Read: 'Summers were for plants and foolishness, autumns for oblivion'
Read an extract from Andrew Meehan’s latest novel, Instant Fires, published by New Island.
Extract: Making sense of a united Ireland - which was long deemed impossible
Brendan O’Leary’s new book looks at how a united Ireland might happen and how it might work best.
# Legends
Two iconic, World Cup-winning brothers and their complicated, bittersweet relationship
Jonathan Wilson chats about his new book exploring the lives of Bobby and Jack Charlton.
# scrutiny
'I'll go to my grave knowing that Phil never asked me to go off the record'
Alan Shipnuck on his new unauthorised biography of the golf star and the fallout stemming from a now-infamous interview.
# Looking Back
How the history of football reveals a deep-seated antipathy towards women
Suzanne Wrack discusses her new book: ‘A Woman’s Game’.
# idol
Louise O'Neill: 'Be an influencer? I couldn't think of a job I'd dislike more'
In her sixth novel, the West Cork writer brings us the story of wellness guru and influencer Samantha Miller, whose perfectly curated life is shattered by a friend’s allegation.
# fall and rise
What Man United can learn from the reawakening of another European football giant
Karan Tejwani discusses his new book, Glorious Reinvention: The Rebirth of Ajax Amsterdam.
# Your Say
Poll: Will you read Bono's memoir?
Surrender will be published in November.
# Rise
How the last Busby Babe escaped Troubles-era Belfast
Former Manchester United player Sammy McIlroy looks back on his career in football.
# Breaking Barriers
The story behind the Premier League's most underappreciated trailblazer
Ashley Hickson-Lovence discusses his book inspired by the life of Uriah Rennie.
# pain
'Robert was suffering from an illness that can hit anybody, whatever you do'
Author and journalist Ronald Reng reflects on the legacy of the late German goalkeeper.
Opinion: 'There are few intergenerational battles as charged as the quest for the mobile phone'
Author Eithne Shortall on how the habits of young children and phones inspired her latest novel.
# Faith
'Each morning, I pause here beside Michaela and pray'
Read an extract from Mickey Harte’s book ‘Devotion’.
# Recovery
'All the energy that I had devoted to racing, I now had to redirect into getting better'
Read an extract from ‘Champion’ by Pat Smullen.
# Advice
'Losing weight is a lot like baking a cake'
Read an extract from ‘The Keane Edge’ by Brian Keane.
# Risk
'I was getting less money to take over Cork City than I was in Diageo'
John Caulfield on a League of Ireland career in which he’s frequently had to defy limitations.
# rebirth
'When everything else goes to s**t you’ve still got your team... Until it gets taken away'
Read an extract from Michael Calvin’s ‘Whose Game is it Anyway?’
All time
# Looking Back
'Everybody was having a laugh. Those were indeed the days when you could enjoy yourself with the players'
George Hamilton recalls a trip to Bulgaria in his early days as a commentator.
# Influence
'Rashford had helped raise around £20million for FareShare, shattering his initial target of £100,000'
Read an extract from ‘The Dream Factory’.
# Looking Back
'We wouldn’t wear the club colours and if the ‘parkie’ came along we’d disappear'
Terry Palmer remembers his time at Shamrock Rovers.