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9 reasons why Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman would be an ideal assistant coach

The chemistry must be respected.
Aug 11th 2013, 11:30 AM 13,965 42

TONIGHT IS THE night, Breaking Bad fans… well, actually, unless you’ve got access to US television tomorrow is the night when Netflix users here can watch it. All legal and above board, like.

Still, it’s the beginning of the end. Vince Gilligan’s masterpiece of a series entering the second half of its fifth and final season.

So, to get you into the mood before switching on for 45+ minutes of pure gold, we decided to pay tribute to Jesse Pinkman. The man with the potential to be a great assistant coach: Brian Kidd to Ferguson, Steve Hansen to Henry, Rory Gallagher to McGuinness, Peter Taylor to Clough,  Bill O’Brien to Belichick…  here’s why.

(WARNING: depending on how much Breaking Bad you have watched  - or are intending to watch – there are POTENTIAL SPOILERS below).

9. His doomed-to-failure personal life leaves him with total dedication to work

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8. He shows unfaltering loyalty even when bigger opportunities come along

Image credit: Gabriel Toro

7. And the loyalty continues despite being denigrated by the gaffer every single day

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6. Yet he’s no ‘yes man’. He’ll stand his ground over certain issues

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5. He does all the dirty work

All the way from slingin’ meth to forklift driving up to and including assassinations.

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4. He’s eager to embrace new technology

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3. And he’s full of great ideas to help the team’s fortunes along

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2. He can step up to do the job himself when it's called for

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1. When it all comes together, he's the right hand man his boss can confide in...

...and celebrate with

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