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Olympic rowing schedule disrupted by incoming storm
Sanita Puspure’s semifinal has been rescheduled as a result.
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New course hoping to make most of brewing and distillery 'renaissance'
18 students will soon start the honours degree course, the first of its kind in Ireland.
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'I'm half black from the belly button down': Conor McGregor fueled a racism row with his comments last night
McGregor is “doubling and tripling down on racist taunts.”
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Craft beer takeover to continue as Irish college offers first ever brewing course
Classes begin September of next year.
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7 reasons Copenhagen should probably be next on your city break hit list
Not just Hans Christian Andersen – Copenhagen has incredible New Nordic food, achingly cool coffee spots and more Borgen than you can shake a stick at…
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10 things we learned going behind the scenes at the Guinness brewery
Hoping nothing exploded.
# rebellious tastes
This 1916 Rising-inspired beer caused quite a stir on Liveline today
The inventors say they wanted to pay tribute to the Rising with their half-English, half-Irish beer.
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WATCH: Inside St James's Gate as our homebrew finalists get cracking on their Christmas ales
Plus your chance to win tickets to the live event on 9 December.
Lucky homebrewers got the chance of a lifetime to brew their recipes in St James's Gate - let's meet them
And see how they got on.
Bucket to bottle - here's how we made our own homebrew in office, and were let loose to make their own office homebrew.
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From over 200 entries to just two - after tasting and testing, we're nearly ready to announce our homebrew finalists
Two lucky homebrewers have won the chance to brew in the Pilot Brewery at St James’s Gate in Dublin next week.
# Brewing
People in dry communities are using Vegemite to make alcohol
People are buying up to 20 jars of vegemite at the time.
# brewing season
Taste of recovery: 400 new microbrewery jobs on the way by the end of the decade
It gets an enormous amount to media attention — but craft beer accounts for a tiny fraction of the total beer market in Ireland. Brewers are hoping to change that, in years to come.
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Five Irish Christmas brews --- reviewed by people who don't normally do this sort of thing for a living
“I’m more of a wine snob… I’ve never tried being a beer snob before.”
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Can't organise a Taoiseach in a brewery? Ok, Guinness can
Enda Kenny opens the biggest stout brewery in the world, but resists the temptation to have a pint.
Column: Ancient brewing in Ireland and the legacy it left behind
Ireland is going through a sort of renaissance when it comes to beer – so what was brewing like on this island in ancient times? Reuben Gray explains.
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Weird Wide Web: Brewing beer with your phone, print yourself and 4G in Ireland
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
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New whiskey distillery in Dingle to create 25 jobs
It will be the first purpose built whiskey distillery in over 200 years in Ireland.
# Budweiser
Budweiser buys Czech brewer in bid to seal control of Budweiser brand
Anheuser-Busch comes a step closer to ending its long-running dispute with a Czech brewery by buying a local rival.
# Explosion
Explosion at 'vodka-distilling factory' kills five
Police are investigating the explosion at an industrial estate in east England yesterday evening.