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TD Patrick Nulty resigns as Labour Party member
The TD, elected at a by-election in October 2011 before losing the whip over the Budget two months later, has issued a statement this morning.
Government's 2011 tax income misses Budget target by 2.5 per cent
New data published by the Department of Finance show that income tax, VAT and corporation tax were all lower than expected.
Recessions, downgrades and Super Mario - 2011: the year in money
2011 may be remembered in future as the year we sorted out the financial crisis – or the year in which it grew beyond our control.
PLAY: Budget Bingo 2012
It’s that time of year again – so why not ease your Budget anxieties with a round of’s Budget Bingo…
Jackie Healy-Rae threatened to withdraw support from government who told 'blatant lies'
New documents published by RTÉ reveal details of the correspondence between the independent Kerry TD and the government prior to last December’s budget as well as earlier this year.
Payday a black day for many Irish workers
Enquiries to make contact with financial institutions and counselling services saw a hike as workers find a hole in their January pay packet.
Michael Lowry and the Finance Bill: his statement in full
The full text of Michael Lowry’s statement on his opposition to the Finance Bill, which may now fail to survive the Dáil.
Finance Bill delays property tax relief changes
The Bill also brings deadline for filing self-employed income tax and capital gains tax forward, and specifies cuts to tax relief on third-level fees.
2010 in review: September
A ‘final’ cost on Anglo Irish Bank, scorn for Conor Lenihan, and questions over Brian Cowen’s Morning Ireland performance.
#minimum wage
Budget 2011: Final Bill comes before Dáil today
Bill which sees minimum wage cut by a euro, reduces the salaries of the Taoiseach and ministers, and reduces public service pensions is expected to pass Dáil vote today.
Social Welfare Bill passed
July 2010: Brian Lenihan calls end to "mad bonuses". Dec 2010: AIB bankers get €40m bonus.
Bank bailed out by taxpayers says it is contractually obliged to pay bonuses from 2008 – the year the banking crisis hit.
Budget 2011: Child benefit, social welfare cuts come before Dáil
Minister Ó Cuív defends leaving pension payments untouched while cutting child and disability support.
Budget 2011: Dáil votes to proceed with Social Welfare Bill
Budget 2011: Bumper payday for self-employed high earners
Self-employed single people earning over €200,150 a year will be better off in 2011, thanks to generous reform of the PRSI system.
Budget 2011: the tabloid take
Slideshow: A round-up of the front pages of Ireland’s red tops this morning.
Cowen says “no one is more sorry” Ireland is in this situation than he is
Brian Cowen says it’s his responsibility to instil confidence in Ireland, and then rounds on the alternative government.
Budget 2011: Alcohol and cigarette levies would send trade away - Lenihan
New levies on alcohol would send further shoppers to the North, while cigarette levies would play into the hands of smugglers.
Dáil leaders debate savage Budget 2011 cuts
Enda Kenny decries Brian Cowen’s “scoffs” at FG policy, while the Taoiseach says an FG-Labour coalition couldn’t govern.
Budget 2011: What the world's press thinks
Is Ireland’s Budget an “austerity masterclass”, “the first crucial step to recovery”, or just “the harshest ever proposed”?
Budget 2011: the war of words
The war is not just being fought on the economic front…Budget 2011 has also turned out to be a battle of wit.
Budget 2011: In Numbers
The main points of Budget 2011, broken down by into a by-the-numbers guide.
Poll: Are you more worried about your finances now than you were before Budget 2011?
Or has the Budget reassured you about your future, and that of the country?
Budget 2011: The first legislation 'to make families hungry'
The low paid, middle-incomes, families, social welfare recipients, the Taoiseach, the President: did only the TDs escape?
Dude, where's my six billion? An economist's perspective on Budget 2011
Was everyone so busy denouncing what happened in the Budget, they forgot to look at what actually happened?
Child benefit and social welfare cuts come before Oireachtas
Dáil to debate changes to social welfare payments including child benefit and the jobseeker’s allowance as proposed in the Budget.
Small businessowner, income of €20,000 - €35,000
Sue is married and has been running her own business for the past ten years
Married with children, unemployed, relying on social welfare
Michael is cohabiting, has two children, and is currently unemployed.
Retired and living on old age pension
Noel is an 83-year-old retired widower who receives the old age pension.
President offers to take Budget 2011's biggest wage cut
Mary McAleese volunteers to cap her public sector salary at €250,000 next year – that’s a drop of €75,000
Budget 2011 hits ministerial planes, (cranes) and automobiles
Pooling the Mercs and dropping the Learjet: the Government find themselves transported to a new era of getting around.
Budget 2011: the expert view
We asked five experts what they made of Budget 2011.
Found: the one person who's better off after Budget 2011
If you live at home, have no dependants, don’t pay a trade union subscription and are earning exactly €26,001 – congratulations. This Budget has left you better off.
Director of a small business
Mark is married with one child and is the director of a small consulting business.