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A new-look LA Lakers, Championship Manager and more of the week's best sportswriting
Enjoy some of our favourite reads from the last week.
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A definitive ranking of the best sports computer games ever made
Disagree? You’re wrong.
# Chance
How Championship Manager helped pave the way for Jonny Evans' Northern Ireland debut
The centre-back was on loan at Royal Antwerp from Manchester United at the time.
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'I'll always be proud of winning the Uefa Cup with Southend'
Iain Macintosh speaks to The42 about Football Manager, British vs foreign coaches and whether pre-Premier League football was unsophisticated.
# Regen
Sad news as a Championship Manager hero hangs up his boots
You didn’t really play the game unless you signed Cherno Samba.
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Take the hardest Football/Championship Manager quiz ever
Do you know your Tonton Zola Moukokos from your Cherno Sambas?
# Almost famous
5 Championship Manager legends who failed to live up to their promise
The new version of the cult series gets released later this week.
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How Championship Manager sabotaged my Junior Cert
The latest version of the cult computer game is released later this week.
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Jonathan Wilson on journalism and Championship Manager's impact on football analysis
We chatted with the Football Weekly favourite.
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Meet the man behind the multi-million-selling Football Manager series speaks to Miles Jacobson about FM 2014, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s admiration for the series and whether he thinks its avid fans could succeed as managers in real life.
# Flashback
Football Manager 2014 is out today, so here's an interview with cult legend Cherno Samba
Ever wondered what happened to the 16-year-old wonder kid?
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The 10 types of Championship Manager player
How many of these categories do you fall into?
# Forgotten men
The Magnificent Seven: Championship Manager cult heroes
The new Football Manager hits stores today, and we’re excited. So excited that we’ve decided to pay tribute to some of the game’s legendary players in this week’s Magnificent Seven.