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'My former teammates have had to get burner phones and rental computers'
Two-time Olympian Noah Hoffman and Amnesty Ireland’s Colm O’Gorman speak to The42 about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing.
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# Intellectual Property
Irish pharma lobby criticises Covid vaccine IP waiver but campaigners say drugmakers have 'lost the argument'
Amnesty boss Colm O’Gorman has accused drug companies of ‘reprehensible scaremongering’.
# Chechnya
Two people killed and 40 arrested in new 'gay purge' in Chechnya, activists say
Chechen authorities immediately denied the claims.
# Rights Today
Rise of 'tough guy' world leaders 'mirrors the rise of fascism in the 1930s'
A new report said some leaders are using “bully tactics” to “demonise and persecute” vulnerable people.
# Papal Visit
‘Stand For Truth’ crowd marched in silence to remember abuse survivors as Papal Mass took place
Demonstrators held a rally beforehand at Parnell Street in Dublin city centre.
# Papal Visit
Pope's failure to apologise to victims is a shameful deflection of responsibility says Colm O'Gorman
O’Gorman, who was among the invited guests at the castle, tweeted in response to the pontiff’s words.
# stand for truth
Photos of people who spoke out about Church abuse projected onto Dublin buildings
Pope Francis is expected to meet survivors of clerical abuse this weekend.
# Papal Visit
Colm O'Gorman: Pope should 'tell the damn truth' about abuse cover-up when he's here
A demonstration of solidarity with those who have been abused is being organised to coincide with the Pope’s visit.
# Referendum
Harris takes his message to Moore Street: 'Men need to talk to the women in their lives about the Eighth Amendment'
Health Minister Simon Harris stopped by Moore Street today to launch the ‘It’s Time to Talk’ referendum campaign.
# Eighth Amendment
Amnesty boss says watchdog's grant decision could prove 'catastrophic'
The organisation is seeking legal advice about an ongoing dispute over a €137,000 grant it received.
# Boko Haram
'They beat me with an electric cable, while throwing water on me at the same time'
People accused of supporting Boko Haram are being brutally tortured in Cameroon.
# Egypt
Ibrahim Halawa's trial suspended for 25th time - but could the next hearing be the last?
Halawa has been imprisoned in the Egyptian capital for 1,418 days – nearly four years.
# South Sudan
'If men are caught, they are killed. If women are caught, they are raped'
Men, women and children in South Sudan have been shot, hacked to death with machetes and burnt alive.
# War on Terror
Is the UK taking a step back from human rights protections?
Theresa May is talking about ‘ripping up’ human rights laws – so how important is it that she doesn’t?
# Amnesty International
Hundreds of adults and children 'disappeared and tortured by Egyptian authorities'
A new report shows that hundreds of students, political activists and protesters have vanished.
# Refugees
Amnesty calls EU migrant deal 'flawed, illegal and immoral'
Under the deal, all new irregular migrants arriving in Greece will be sent back to Turkey.
# 8th amendment
Pro-life group clashes with Amnesty over decriminalising abortion
A recent survey shows most people in Ireland want the grounds for legal access to abortion to be widened.
# she is not a criminal
177,000 women have left Ireland for abortions since 1971
“One woman told us how she was calculating how to throw herself in front of a truck or which bridge to jump off.”
# marriage ref
Tears warning! There’s a beautiful short film of the Yes vote results unfolding in Dublin
A wonderful montage.
# Equality
Tears warning! There's a beautiful short film of the Yes vote results unfolding in Dublin
A wonderful montage.
# How the ref was won
13 heroes of the Yes campaign
The Irish people have voted for same-sex marriage but some campaigners deserve a special mention.
# Marriage equality
Irish people are sharing touching photos of their families in support of marriage equality
#FamilyMatters will make your heart burst.
# Cairo
Halawa letter criticising Government 'shows the real hurt this kid is going through'
Amnesty International believe the Government is doing everything it can to secure his release.
# El Salvador
Woman jailed for miscarrying her baby is released
16 other women remain in jail, accused of having abortions.
# crowdfunding
"They picked the wrong drag queen": The power of Panti's call
New trailer from The Queen of Ireland doc shows how Rory O’Neill as Panti “spoke the truth above the heads of the political classes, straight to the people of Ireland”.
# Amnesty International
Amnesty hold Dublin protest over US arms transfer to Israel
Amnesty International is calling on the UN to immediately impose a comprehensive arms embargo on Israel, Hamas and Palestinian armed groups.
# Charity
Amnesty vote NOT to cut director's €100k salary to the average industrial wage
The motion at the organisation’s annual conference this weekend was unanimously defeated.
# illegal weapons
Ireland officially ratifies arms treaty aimed at regulating the international weapons trade
The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty was signed this time last year.
# Death Penalty
‘Killing sprees’: Number of people executed worldwide spiked in 2013
Amnesty International say it is due to a large number of people being put to death in Iran and Iraq.
# Standard of Living
People want Constitution to protect additional human rights
Seventy one percent of people questioned by Amnesty International believe we should be able to hold the Government to account for human rights failures, including taking it to court.
# panti debate
O'Brien accepts RTÉ apology, but says broadcaster 'let its standards slip'
Meanwhile, Colm O’Gorman has said he was “stunned” by how the situation had developed.
# trade mission
Government won’t say if Taoiseach has or will raise human rights concerns with Gulf states
Enda Kenny has acknowledged Saudi Arabia’s election to the UN Human Rights Council, but the government won’t say if concerns about human rights issues are being raised with leaders there or in Qatar and UAE this week.
# Post-Gaddafi
Is the European Union funding the torture of refugees in Libya?
Amnesty International says European funding to secure Libyan borders is resulting in ‘holding centres’ where abuses occur.
# Human Rights
Amnesty International: ‘Abortion laws out of line with international human rights standards’
Unless rape, incest, risk to a woman’s health and fatal foetal abnormality are included in Ireland’s abortion law, Amnesty International’s 2013 report notes Ireland is off base.
# Press Freedom
World Press Freedom Day: Syria now most dangerous place for journalists
It’s believed that 36 journalists have been killed there since 2011.
# Laundries
'State must finally accept its role': Amnesty responds to Magdalene report
Amnesty International Ireland says the Magdalenes report reveals “major human rights abuses” and demands urgent action.
# Human Rights
Ireland elected to UN Human Rights Council for first time
Colm O’Gorman of Amnesty International said that this gives the Irish Government an opportunity to play a greater role in tackling some of the major human rights issues in the world today.
# Capital Punishment
Petitions in three Irish cities to mark World Death Penalty Day
Amnesty International Ireland will collect signatures hoping to prevent the execution of Anthony Haynes in Texas this month.
# Famous words
My favourite speech: executive director of Amnesty International Colm O'Gorman
Continuing our summer series on of public figures’ favourite speeches, Colm O’Gorman picks the first major speech of the president who saw Czechoslovakia become the Czech Republic.
# Arms
UN appeals for progress as deadline looms for global arms treaty
Tonight is the deadline for the draft of a new global deal to regulate the arms trade – but progress has been slow.