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# Together for yurt
The Rubberbandits inspired the creation of these hilarious county-specific banners for 'Together For Yes'
How does your county say ‘yes’?
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14 things you'll know if you went to St Pat's
Filling today’s young minds with the love of learning… and county colours nights.
# the fear
Father-and-son Tipperary fans get mortifyingly stitched up in All-Ireland prank
“I’m just checking for counterfeit jerseys.”
# County Colours
26 signs that you're a Westmeath sports fan
You know that Bressie was a rugby player before he was a musician, and 25 other sure-fire signs…
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18 signs you're a sports fan from Louth
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# County Colours
19 signs you’re a sports fan from Carlow
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21 ways to tell you were an Irish college student
Chicken fillet rolls, pints and fags.
# County Colours
21 signs you’re a sports fan from Wicklow
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# County Colours
13 club nights that could only be Irish
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# County Colours
20 signs you’re a sports fan from Dublin
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# County Colours
The second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, now owns a Kerry jersey
Wonder if he could do a job at wing-back?