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Details for Ireland's three-Test tour of New Zealand finally confirmed
Andy Farrell is expected to bring a big squad with two further games still to be announced.
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Poll: Can couples go on dates?
Is a ‘date’ reserved for singletons, or can people in a relationship go on a date?
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Leinster start Champions Cup with trip to France as Munster welcome Quins
Connacht will visit Racing 92 in their first game, while Ulster welcome Toulouse to Belfast.
New dates announced for completion of 2019/20 Champions Cup season
The 2020/21 season of European rugby is now due to start on 11/12/13 December.
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We want to hear your absolute worst first date stories
Tell us how you stayed as cool as a cucumber on a really terrible date.
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These women asked out the lads they fancy for Valentine's Day, and shared their replies on Twitter
The good, the bad and the ugly.
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Connacht, Leinster and Munster quarter-final dates and times confirmed
Munster and Connacht play on the Saturday, with Leinster on the Sunday.
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66-year-old Irish 'wildchild' Teresa was the queen of First Dates last night
A gas ticket if there ever was one.
# love you john
Everyone fell in love with this lovely Irish lawyer on Celebrity First Dates
# online dating
This guy completely lost it over text when his Tinder date cancelled
Oh HELL no.
# sponsored by Renault Clio
Open thread: Tell us your worst Valentine's Day date stories
Share the pain…
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch a woman stealing her date's food on First Dates
A true hero.
# Leg of Lamb
A woman got locked and robbed her date's food on First Dates last night
A true hero.
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A woman has been writing Yelp reviews of her old dates with brilliant results
But she’s in a bit of trouble now.
# is this a date
10 grim dates every Irish person has been on
This isn’t just any field. This is our *romantic* field.
# on a date
13 ways to have a really Christmassy date in Dublin
It’s your winter date bucket list.
# Dilemma
The Burning Question*: Can couples/married people go on dates?
Let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
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11 romantic things every couple in Galway should do once
Summer is ending, but love is in the air.
# modern romance
6 perfect ideas for an offbeat Valentine's Day date
And not a fluffy teddy bear in sight.
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Lonely hipster tries to crowdfund money for dates, internet turns on him
Good luck with that.
# worstdatein5words
People are sharing the five worst words a date could possibly say to them
# awkward dates
Woman livetweets most obnoxious Tinder date ever
“I have a business to run. The business of enjoying my life.”
# modern love
The 8 types of date every Irish person has been on
Date night!
Column: Big date coming up? Here’s what NOT to do…
Wondering how to turn that first date into a second? Follow these tips and watch the sparks fly, writes Rena Maycock.
Column: How to score an “F” on your first date
If you’re on the dating scene and for some reason no woman is interested in a second date, perhaps you’re doing some of these things, writes Rena Maycock.
# date hell
Here's why the first month of 2014 is going to be worse than last year
The worst.
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Hey! Just after noon today it will be 12/12/12 12:12:12
And it’s probably the last repeating date you’ll ever see.
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Want to cut food waste? Check the dates, says safefood
New research by safefood shows that almost a third of consumers believe ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ dates on food labels mean the same thing.
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Rovers set for pre-Christmas showdown with Tottenham in Dublin
Shamrock Rovers will play Tottenham at White Hart Lane on 29 September, with the Premier League side making the trip to Dublin in the middle of December.
# Speed Dating
Speed dating options don’t help chance of finding love, says study
New research says that the more potential suitors a person has, the less likely they are to actually go on a date.