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# Deadlock
Wednesday deadline issued as NBA talks continue
There is little sign of real progress in discussions between NBA owners and players as the latter are issued with a midweek deadline.
# Lockout
Uh oh: NBA postpones games until November 30th
With the latest round of negotiations having failed to break the deadlock, the NBA’s labour dispute looks set to rumble on into Decemeber.
# Street fighter
Two cameramen got in a fistfight outside of the NBA lockout meeting
WATCH: Look what you’ve done to the media now, basketball? This is probably the worst punch-up ever recorded.
# Stalemate
No Deal: NBA cancels first two weeks of season
The first 100 games of the 2011/2012 NBA season have been cancelled as the league’s players and owners fail to reach an agreement.
# Negotiations
Talks recommence as NBA officials aim to end lockout
Representatives for owners and players will meet on Tuesday in an attempt to reach an agreement.
# Dispute
NBA lockout leaves pre-season season schedule in jeopardy
43 pre-season games have been cancelled after talks to reach a new collective bargaining agreement proved unsuccessful.
# Time to say goodbye
Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming retires
Injury-plagued NBA star formally announces his decision after weeks of speculation.
# Hoop-la
NBA lockout begins as sides fail to reach deal
Is America facing the prospect of a season without basketball in 2011/2012?
# Euro Vision
NBA chiefs still dream of European franchises
The NBA comes to London this weekend when the New Jersey Nets and Toronto Raptors square off in the O2 Arena – but how far are we from having an NBA team based in Europe?