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Dennis Rodman planning Russia trip - reports
The former player is seeking the release of imprisoned WNBA player Brittney Griner.
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White House rules out role for Dennis Rodman in Kim-Trump summit
“I don’t know what part the best rebounder in basketball has to play in that,” says Trump’s deputy press secretary.
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Dennis Rodman's gifts for Kim Jong-un include Trump's book and a mermaid puzzle
He also gave a copy of Where’s Waldo? The Totally Essential Travel Collection, two sets of soap and two autographed jerseys.
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Dennis Rodman thinks Trump is 'pretty happy' he's going back to North Korea
The former basketball player said the issue of several Americans currently detained there is “not my purpose right now”.
# Charged
5-time NBA champion Rodman charged with driving the wrong way on a motorway
The former Chicago Bull was also charged with hit and run.
# legendary
Iconic Chicago Bulls team of 1996 set to remain immortal as Warriors face into frantic finale
With four games left in the regular NBA season, Golden State have to win them all to break a 20-year record.
# Big Bang In Pyongyang
The Matt Cooper-narrated film about Dennis Rodman in North Korea has premiered - and critics love it
The film is praised as being “deftly constructed, consistently engrossing and frequently flat-out-hilarious”.
# North Korea
Gout, sporting injury or just resting - some of the theories behind Kim Jong-un's recent low profile
North Korea’s leader hasn’t been seen in public since 3 September.
# Well holy Rod
Dennis Rodman appears on court as only Dennis Rodman can
If his hair was any bigger he’d need a stepladder to brush it.
# Rehab
Dennis Rodman 'checks into alcohol rehab'
US media reports say that his drinking “escalated”.
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Matt Cooper describes 'outpouring of joy' from crowd upon appearance of Kim Jong-Un
The broadcaster spoke to The Last Word on Today FM from Beijing after spending four days in North Korea.
# Contrition
Rodman apologises for North Korea outburst, blames drink
“I’m very sorry. At this point I should know better than to make political statements.”
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Here's Dennis Rodman singing 'Happy Birthday' Kim North Korea
The basketball star was participating in a friendly game in Pyongyang.
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Here’s What Happened Today: Tuesday
Today everyone’s been talking about a grim discovery in Offaly, Ireland’s bond market return and Ralf Lauren’s niece in a pub courtroom.
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VIDEO: Dennis Rodman completely loses it with CNN reporter
The former NBA player is in North Korea and had a go when asked about the country’s rights record.
# Shootin' some hoops
Today FM’s Matt Cooper is in North Korea with Dennis Rodman
The journalist and broadcaster is writing a book about the Paddy Power-funded basketball game involving former NBA stars that will take place in Pyongyang on Wednesday.
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Rodman: I love Kim Jong-Un
Former Bulls player is in North Korea this week to play an exhibition match to mark Kim’s birthday.
# Basketball friends
Paddy Power are sending Dennis Rodman back to North Korea
And it’s not just because he misses ‘friend for life’ Kim Jong-un…
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Here's your 'Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un just chilling' pic of the day
Not what we expected this morning.
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Dennis Rodman tells Kim Jong Un he has ' a friend for life'
They’re a regular odd couple.
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Dennis Rodman gets a geography lesson from 'the Gangnam Style dude'
The former NBA star is in North Korea — which is not the same country as South Korea.
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Former basketball star Dennis Rodman on peace mission to North Korea
“Is sending the Harlem Globetrotters and Dennis Rodman to the DPRK strange? In a word, yes.”
Dennis Rodman sentenced in family court
“My suggestion is to use your talents as a motivator, as a fine, fine athlete and as a fine person to assist others in need.”
# Comeback
50-year-old Dennis Rodman announces his return to basketball... in Bulgaria
The star will be lecturing the country’s youngsters on his psychological preparation before matches.
# down and out
Dennis Rodman is broke and 'extremely sick'
Rodman’s attorney said that the former Chicago Bull can barely pay for his living expenses and definitely cannot afford child support.
# Ouchies!
This NBA coach was ejected for kicking a ball and hitting a fan
Dallas chief Rick Carlisle claims he was trying to kick it back to the referee, but he’s ‘not a very good kicker’.
# Shame
Sport's worst haircuts: a tribute
Limerick’s Stephen Lavin showcased one of the most ill-advised GAA haircuts in recent memory at the weekend. Here’s some more of the most offensive dos in sporting history.