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Last year
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Poll: Did you complete Dry January?
Tell us how you got on.
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Quiz: How much do you know about these non-alcoholic beverages?
Do you want a soft drink Franteen?
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Poll: Are you taking part in Dry January?
Are you planning to give up drinking for the month, or is now not the time?
All time
# Your Say
Poll: Are you taking part in Dry January?
Or is now just not the time for that?
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South Africa bans alcohol sales as cases rise to over one million
South Africa passed one million recorded coronavirus cases yesterday.
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Anxiety about going back to work might actually be 'alcohol withdrawal symptoms', claims expert
Dr Wright also said Dry January may be simply an excuse to binge drink for the rest of the year.
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Poll: I'm toying with the idea of prolonging Dry January, but what about you?
‘I found myself with a bottle of wine in my hand on the first Saturday of the month.’
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Dealing with a scabby friend and a man who finds his new mot irritating - it's time for Dear Fifi
We’re getting through January. Little by little.
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14 Irish walking trails to get the perfect smug Insta on
Because Dry January isn’t complete without them.
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Evening Poll: Are you doing Dry January this year?
Are you bothering?
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Arsenal not currently in a position to make permanent deals, says Emery
Even though the Gunners are in need of reinforcements to boost their top-four push, Arsenal will not make permanent signings in January.
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7 exciting reads to get you through the boredom of Dry January
Entertain your mind for a sec.
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This sobriety app will help you through Dry January (and beyond, if that's what you want)
Maybe if you make it through January, you’ll never go back. Who knows?
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11 tweets about January that are far too real right now
The neverending month.
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The 9 types of people doing Dry January this year
We’ve got your number.
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What Percent Dry January Are You?
A scientific assessment of your chances of making it through.
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Off the booze? Here's 8 places in Dublin you can get a savage mocktail
You got this.
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The 7 types of people doing Dry January
It’s a constant struggle.
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A pub in Carlow is taking the piss out of Dry January with these 'special offers'
Oh they’ll give you ‘dry January’, alright.
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Poll: Are you having a dry January?
Many people view the new year as the right time to start a health kick.
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Every house in Ireland is waking up to one of two scenes this morning
Which one are you?
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8 reasons it's officially okay to break Dry January this weekend
Feel no shame.
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The Taegerbomb is the drink we all deserve this Dry January
Go on ye good thing!
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A young Tipperary man has brilliantly documented giving up drink for a year
A touching and hilarious account.
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7 cheap nights in to have with The Girls
Gather up the gals for a cheap night in.
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We're gearing up for peak Dry January this weekend
Cinema anyone?
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9 genuinely fun things to do for free in Dublin this January
For broke and dry January.
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11 tweets that sum up the struggle of Dry January
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8 reasons to keep telling yourself Dry January is the smart choice
The unbearable smugness of being.
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8 delicious non-alcoholic pub drinks to get anyone through Dry January
“What can I order at the bar?” One of these!
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9 mouthwatering mocktails to get you through dry January
Yes, it’s juice.
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7 reasons to celebrate the end of January
February: Officially better than January.
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6 signs we've reached peak Dry January
Two for The Imitation Game please.
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Well, this photo pretty much perfectly sums up Dry January
# Goin' Dry
11 ways you can outrageously fail at dry January
It’s a long, hard road ahead – and some have already fallen.
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9 undeniable symptoms of Post-Christmas Holiday Fear
Tips and tricks to diagnose and treat the dreaded Fear.
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Ireland is divided into 6 types of people tonight
Which one are you?
# January blues
Open thread: What are your best money-saving tips?
Is it going to be a ‘Dry January’ for you?
# no money mo problems
6 signs you may have overspent at Christmas
No mun, no fun, so they say.
# new years revolution
Here are the reasons why Dry January is the smart choice
Having trouble convincing everyone? Haters to the left.