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Opinion: How to get financially fit in 2022 - some advice from an expert
Financial expert David Quinn has some advice on how to flex your financial muscles in 2022.
Money Diaries: A public sector manager on €96K grateful for remote working and time with family
This week, our reader is grateful for the ability to work from home and spend more quality time with family.
Money Diaries: A 24-year-old software developer earning €40K and living in Dublin
This week, our reader is managing a return to socialising and keeping an eye on the spending with it.
Impact of Covid school closures to be felt 'throughout next century'
Ireland could experience a loss in GDP of as much as 1.5% over the next century.
Money Diaries: A warehouse worker on €22K living and working in Dublin
This week, our reader is working late shifts and managing health and wellbeing.
Money Diaries: A finance company employee on €24K living in Kildare
This week, our reader is saving hard and managing finances, but is keen to move closer to friends and family.
Money Diaries: A civil servant in Dublin on €24K missing socialising with friends
This week, our reader is enjoying a new job and trying to be careful with spending, while missing catching up with friends.
Money Diaries: An IT consultant on €126K living and working in London
This week, our reader is busy managing family time along with long working hours.
'You don’t have to be male, middle-aged and born into the right family to be rich in Ireland – but it helps'
Journalist Joe O’Shea delved into the world of Ireland’s rich list for a two-part programme due to air this week.
They can make thousands from an Instagram post - but how transparent are Irish bloggers?
We asked bloggers about trust, money and advertising – and they answered.
Annoyed you can't watch the US version of Netflix? Its CEO doesn't really care
Such complaints are “inconsequential” and come from a “very small but quite vocal minority”.
Were you on Facebook recently? You and a billion others...
It doesn’t look like the Facebook juggernaut is going to slow down anytime soon.
And the world's highest paid actress is...
Not a bad pocket of change.
Facebook is growing and growing - and it has some new things in store
The only way Facebook is heading is up.
YouTube star PewDiePie responds to those upset he earned €6.7 million last year
“To see people being upset about this whole thing is just sad. I think it’s such a waste.”
Do you earn enough for a minimum standard of living?
The threshold has just gone up.
Why most workers aren't going to start earning more any time soon
Ireland can look to the UK and US for signs of what’s to come.
These are the jobs that are winning and losing as the economy picks up
Average pay packets took another hit at the start of the year.
There's a good reason why Nintendo is so happy today
The company made its first annual profit since 2011.
Twitter's biggest problem? The way that people think about it
Oh, and the fact that it needs to make money.
Here we go again? Microsoft Windows is starting to slide
For one, its biggest source of revenue will likely take a hit later this year when Windows 10 is released.
Nintendo surprises everyone by making money again
And the videogame giant could be on track to post its first annual profit in four years.
Long-term gambles causes Google's earnings to fall
The hiring of nearly 3,000 more employees and investing in “moon shot” projects like driverless cars and drones has caused expenses to increase by 30%.
Samsung is bracing itself for a massive drop in profits this quarter
The company has said it expects earnings to be 60% lower than a year earlier, thanks to increased competition in the smartphone market.
Games and box-office movies help Sony post surprise profit
Despite posting a net profit of €194 million this quarter, Sony still expects to make a full-year loss.
Mario Kart 8 wasn't enough to save Nintendo from a €72 million loss
Despite the popularity of the latest instalment of Mario Kart, Nintendo suffered a net loss of €72.3 million in the latest quarter.
Facebook is raking it in as earnings soar to $2.9 billion
More users, more mobile apps, more ads = lots more money.
Poor Wii U sales sees Nintendo lose €164m in fiscal year
The company moved 2.72 million Wii U consoles globally over the 12 months through March, less than a third of the 9 million it originally predicted.
Sony braces itself for major losses by slashing profit estimates
The electronics giant has slashed its expected income from €563 million to €183 million, a 67.5 per cent decrease, after disc market shrinks faster than expected
Twitter stock falls despite growth in revenue and users
The service surpassed Wall Street’s expectations thanks to a sharp increase in advertising revenue, but its slow growth rate has left investors concerned.
Facebook's plan for its mobile apps: grow userbase now, make money later
In a conference call, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it would be a “few years” before Instagram would become an important business for the company.
Facebook CEO made $3.3 billion in stock options last year
According to regulatory documents filed on Monday, Zuckerberg has reduced his salary to $1 a year.
Childminders warn new tax rules will force more into the black economy
Early Childhood Ireland said the move by Revenue may not be in the best interests of children.
Noonan says income tax cuts are not a play for popularity
The Minister for Finance said once they have the resources, the Irish government will look to cutting income tax.
Majority of CEOs think State-funded bodies aren't monitored enough
Two-thirds of those surveyed believe that organisations in receipt of State funding are not adequately monitored or held to account.
Samsung earnings fall as mobile growth slows down
Analysts say that the company’s smartphone business was not as lucrative because of higher marketing costs.
IMHO: ‘Interest only repayments are not a long-term solution to mortgage arrears’
The Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation said the new mortgage restructuring figures are concerning.
Money repatriated abroad has fallen in the last six years
Statistics show that the amount of money earned in Ireland by migrants and temporary workers and then sent abroad has fallen since the Ireland’s economic downturn.
Workers in Ireland earn an average of €697 a week
Workers in administrative and support services have seen an increase on last year while those employed in construction have fared worst.