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# enda the line
Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny to present Irish language RTÉ show about old railway routes
The series is being produced by Sonas Productions and will air in late 2021.
A true patriot or a tainted legacy? Enda Kenny gave his last speech as Taoiseach today
There were plenty of kind words, and some not kind ones, from the opposition benches today.
# enda the line
From reluctant Taoiseach to reluctant ex-Taoiseach: What is Enda's political legacy?
First elected over 40 years ago, it’s been some journey for the Mayo man.
# enda the line
Like it or loathe it, history will be kind to Enda Kenny
After six years, the Mayo man has decided to make room for the next Taoiseach.
# enda the line
Was Enda a good Taoiseach? People are split on the question
Just over 40% say ‘yes’. About the same number disagree.
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Mind if I go? Emotions run high as Enda takes just seven minutes to say goodbye
“Let the games begin,” Kenny declared, tongue-in-cheek, as he set out his plans to step down.
Enda Kenny confirms he will step down as Fine Gael leader at midnight
The leadership contest will now get under way. “Let the games begin,” he’s understood to have told FG TDs.
# Cartoon Kenny
This is almost certainly what Enda Kenny's office looks like right now
Will today be the day? Illustrator Annie West imagines…
# enda the line
Looking forward to tomorrow, Taoiseach? 'I look forward to every day'
Enda Kenny says he’ll address the little matter of his leadership at tomorrow’s parliamentary party.
# enda the line
"The sooner the better" - Fine Gael's Alan Farrell wants to know when Enda will be calling time
Now that the parameters for the Brexit negotiations have been agreed, the spotlight is expected to fall upon Enda Kenny’s leadership once more.
# enda game
When is Enda going? Coveney says leadership battle to kick off before the summer
The latest opinion poll shows that Fine Gael would take more seats with Leo Varadkar as leader.
# enda the line
'Silence from the rebels' as Kenny talks to Fine Gael TDs about his future
Kenny’s statements to the party are thought to have gone down well, according to sources.
# enda the line
The contenders for the Fine Gael leadership, ranked from most to least likely
He who wields the knife rarely wears the crown…
# Your Say
Poll: Would you like to see Enda become Ireland's Brexit minister?
He’s built up an impressive book of EU contacts as Taoiseach. Could he take over as a Minister for Brexit?
# enda the line
Enda has 'no intention of being diverted' as backbenchers ask him to go
Brendan Griffin is latest TD to call on the Taoiseach to resign within weeks, but the Fine Gael leader insists he has a mandate.
# enda the line
No Taoiseach, no government: Enda resigns but will stay as a caretaker
TDs have failed to elect a Taoiseach for the 32nd Dáil.
# enda the line
Enda admits he won't be re-elected Taoiseach on Thursday
The Fine Gael leader will officially become a caretaker Taoiseach after Thursday’s Dáil vote.
Could Enda really go all the way to 2021?
Analysis: The Taoiseach said again this week that he intends to serve a full second term if re-elected. But is that realistic?
# enda the line
Enda says it would be 'very arrogant' of him to assume he'll be re-elected
2021 is a long way away.
# enda the line
Aston Villa have released two Irish players as part of their summer clear out
Ron Vlaar, meanwhile, has been offered a contract extension.
# enda the line
A power interruption from Enda - as Fine Gael picks the WRONG day to canvass Luas passengers
Fist-bumps for all… Fine Gael’s campaigner-in-chief tries his best to distract everyone from the lack of voters.
# Analysis
How safe is Enda Kenny as Fine Gael leader?
The latest poll puts Kenny as the most unpopular of the four main party leaders. So is his position safe?
# enda the line
Sorry, Garth: No sign from government of a new deal to save gigs
Mr Brooks perviously said he would be willing to ‘crawl, swim, fly’ to meet with Enda Kenny on the issue.