# Endorsements

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# Endorsements
Number of councils to vote on who they endorse for the presidential election
Presidential hopefuls must secure the support of four local authorities, or 20 TDs and senators to stand in the election.
# beefing up
'None of it counts without that decent selfie' - Sean O'Brien on what matters most
The Tullow Tank is rolling bales of hay in a new ad.
# Lawsuit
Facebook faces another lawsuit after being accused of faking endorsements
The lawsuit claims that members should receive damages – of at least $750 per person – for using their likeness without permission.
# That's sweet
So Maria Sharapova wants to change her name to 'Sugarpova'...
Is this the future of sports marketing?
# jumping the gun
Here's your presumptuous marketing campaign pic of the week
Will they just paste Roy Hodgson’s head on instead?
# Endorsements
You expect us to swallow this?
We get the connection between Jedward, pizza and The X-Factor – but what in the name of Ronald McDonald do we think of the rest of these celebrity food hook-ups?