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Marcelo Bielsa apologises for not learning English
The Argentinian has proved the language barrier has been no obstacle in leading the club back to the Premier League.
'The guy said, 'There's no way you play for Munster, you can't speak English''
CJ Stander talks about learning a new language, being told he was too small, and dealing with criticism.
Quiz: Can you name these Leaving Cert poets from their poems?
Read the paper, read the paper, read the paper.
'I was completely panicking': Leaving Cert students at Dublin school taught wrong English text for two years
The mistake was only discovered six days before the students started their exams this year.
Department of Social Protection to train staff in the use of plain English
Plain English is a way of presenting information that helps people understand it the first time they read or hear it.
Language tests for new citizens 'just one option being considered'
“Any such change would be driven by a strategy to better integrate our newest citizens.”
French ambassador to EU walks out of meeting in protest at use of English language
Philippe Leglise-Costa left the talks on Wednesday to show his dissatisfaction with the “linguistic regime”.
France to lend priceless Bayeux Tapestry to Britain - but is Macron just trolling?
Historians and political commentators can’t agree on whether this is a gesture of goodwill, or a “wonderful joke”.
Which Leaving Cert English Poet Are You?
Are you as sad as Sylvia Plath or as desperate as Yeats? Find out.
Teenagers to make case for extra time in Junior Cert English exam
Currently, students have two hours to complete each paper.
Over 1,400 Leaving Cert papers were given a better mark after student appeals
Honours English and Biology were easily the most appealed subjects in 2017.
English aristocrat who posted bounty on Facebook for someone to kill Remain campaigner faces jail
Rhodri Philipps, the 4th Viscount St Davids, made the threat in November.
This 73-year-old student is doing the Leaving Cert this week
Denis North is taking the English and Geography exams at Kennedy College, New Ross.
English Paper One: Reactions to the first exam of this year's Leaving Cert
Fake news, democracy and inventing the wheel – how did the first day of State exams go?
Junior Cert English: 'There isn’t a fifteen-year-old alive that can spit out high quality writing in two hours'
Make the new English Junior Cert exam fairer by adding thirty extra minutes, writes Junior Cert pupil Tara O’Sullivan.
Should taxi drivers here have to take an English language test? The NTA is asking that question
A new questionnaire is being posed by the National Transport Authority as part of its review of how drivers should be licensed to work in the industry.
The Leaving Cert appeal results are out this morning
Honours English and Biology were easily the most appealed subjects in 2016.
'It's punishing children': Students could be penalised over dispute about Junior Cert English exam
Students taught by ASTI could end up losing 10% of their overall mark, it is feared.
New York taxi drivers no longer have to pass English proficiency test
Immigrants make up 96% of the 144,000 cabbies in the city.
French police fire tear gas at English soccer fans in Lille
Thousands of English fans have gathered in Lille ahead of their match in the nearby city of Lens tomorrow.
8 perfect Irish words and phrases English just can't match
There’s a word for ‘one of those visits that goes on way too long’.
8 Irish words and phrases that English just can't match
There’s a word for ‘trying to talk while bawling crying’.
How Good Is Your Vocabulary?
Do you talk real good? Find out in here.
Why are Scandinavians so amazing at speaking English?
The inhabitants of Denmark, Sweden and Norway often speak English as well as, if not better than, we do. What’s their secret?
Emergency law closes drink-driving loophole
This closes the loophole for future cases but the status of previous tickets remains unclear
10 common mispronunciations that are guaranteed to drive you up the wall
Just leave us here to cry.
9 words you've never heard that perfectly describe your life
@Words is a new Twitter account you should probably be following.
If it rains today, it might rain for 40 days... or so they say
Met Eireann is predicting dry weather in most of the country today.
Here's why Domhnall Gleeson called himself 'British' at Comic Con
Come to the dark side, we have better lightsabers.
16 ways this year's Junior and Leaving Certs are the funniest f**kers
We all need a laugh at this difficult time.
The Leaving Cert kicked off with English Paper I and Bono turned up
“My name is Bono and I am a rock star.”
Bono popped up on English Paper I and people couldn't handle it
His contribution was fairly gas.
QUIZ: How well do you remember King Lear?
The Leaving Cert starts this week – do you remember much from your studies?
That 'other referendum' could bridge a gap between the Irish and English versions of our Constitution
Given the significant gap that currently exists in the translation of Bunreacht na hÉireann, there is a good reason to pass this second referendum.
7 Irish words and phrases that English just can't match
A tense silence? “The slumber of the sneaky pig.”
Watch English and Australian people try to pronounce Bláthnaid, Oisín and Meadbh
Basically, no one outside of Ireland knows how to say our names.
Poll: Should employees have to speak only English while working?
One supermarket chain is requesting staff to only speak the language while working.
Supermarket apologises after telling staff to only speak in English
The policy included rest breaks.
Look at these old Inter Cert Irish schoolbooks
Peig, never far from our thoughts.
Skype's newest feature will translate English-Spanish video chats in real-time
As well as supporting two spoken languages, Skype Translator Preview also supports more than 40 languages on its instant messaging service.