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Quiz: Let's test your dad knowledge this Father's Day
A quiz about dads.
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Poll: Will you be marking Father's Day?
Today is Father’s Day but does it matter to you?
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Give your dad the gift he deserves this Father’s Day with a membership of The42
For the sports fan who has almost everything…
Quiz: How well do you know your on-screen Irish Dads?
Do you know your Des Curleys from your Mr Rabbittes?
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Quiz: Test your dad knowledge this Father's Day
The theme of today’s quiz is fathers.
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Poll: Will you be marking Father's Day?
Is it a day where we can collectively appreciate our fathers, or is it too commercial for you?
The Irish For: A Bloomsday Breakfast with extra Subh Milis on Father’s Day 2019
In some ways, it is serendipitous that these two events should happen on the same Sunday, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
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Dealing with grief on Father's Day: 'We won't mourn the loss of Adam, but we’ll celebrate everything he gave us'
Father’s Day can be a tough day for those who have lost a child or a father.
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Just 14 of the best tweets about Irish dads
Irish dads are a law unto themselves.
12 of the best Irish Father's Day cards you can get for the world's best aul fella
You’ve a while yet to buy one, don’t sweat.
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What Percent Dad Are You?
We can think of no better day to find out.
'Dads aren't recognised in our Constitution and the Citizen's Assembly denied them a voice'
Parental equality isn’t only the right thing to do. It will create stronger, healthier, happier Ireland, writes Matt O’Connor.
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'To me, Father's Day is just like any other day because there's always something missing'
Father’s Day can be a tough day for those who have lost a child or a father.
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This Irish guy told his dad he had a boyfriend for the first time on Father's Day
And it’s heartwarming.
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11 things you should never say to an Irish Dad
“Mam said I could.”
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These kids treated their Dad to the best breakfast in bed ever
Lego toast, anyone?
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11 of the most Irish dad things that have ever happened
Here’s to you, dads.
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11 Things Irish Dads Say... and What They Really Mean
Dads say the darndest things.
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This prankster has created some ads taking the piss out of Father's Day sales
Father’s Day Blowout!
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Kids gave their dads their Father's Day brekkie in the shower, and it was hilarious
Just what you need to start your day!
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15 classic Dad jokes that will make you both laugh and cringe
Happy Father’s Day!
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11 times dads proved they're the best at texting
Texting is the medium in which dads truly shine.
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'Dad, I hope to be half the man you are' - Touching messages from Irish soldiers overseas
They’re missing their dads today – and their own children.
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People are telling dad jokes on Twitter - and it's excellent
What’s E.T. short for? Because he’s only got little legs.
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7 unintentionally hilarious Father's Day cards made by kids
The important thing is they tried.
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From BOD to Bert - 7 of the soundest dads in sport
Happy Father’s Day!
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Dads hooked their kids up to lie detectors and asked them about sex and drugs
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7 Irish craft beers that will make the perfect Father's Day present
Play your cards right, and you get to drink them too!
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Did you leave your dad's Father's Day present on the DART on Saturday?
There’s a very disappointed dad out there in Dublin.
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6 brilliantly Irish Dad reactions to Father's Day
Like no other dads in the world.
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Father's Day: Watch this heart-melting compilation of babies welcoming their dads home
This. This is too much.
Opinion: An apology on Father’s Day (or oops! I did it again!)
Mums, let us take a vow to truly appreciate every father’s parenting style.
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The Tesco Value Father's Day card is absolutely perfect
Everyone else, go home.
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'I will be home soon, son': Irish soldiers stationed abroad mark Father's Day
Members of the Defence Forces who are serving in Syria, Lebanon and Mali have sent messages home to their families.
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14 reasons we should be grateful for our Dads
The unsung heroes of the home.
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Open thread: What's your favourite story about your dad?
Good work, dads.
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23 GAA pictures that are just right for Father's Day
For the day that’s in it.
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12 deadly Irish alternative Father's Day cards
Who’s your da?
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WATCH: Here's what Irish dads mean to their children
What makes a good father – and how will you let him know tomorrow?
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Dove's wonderful Father's Day ad will make you cry warm salty tears