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# quick learner
Robots will learn to play Doom the same way humans do
They will then compete against each other in a competition to see who’s the best.
# Nostalgia
The classic game Doom gets its first new level in 21 years
And you can play it on your PC without needing the original.
# first person
Here's what happened when an Irish comedian strapped a GoPro to his head during a gig
A brave man.
# no shaking
This project transforms shaky first-person videos into smooth timelapses
The team at Microsoft Research has developed a way of eliminating shaky footage in videos and make it smooth.
# US sports
Want to know what it's like to be a linebacker? This brilliant helmet cam footage takes you there
Terrifying if you ask us.
# Electric Picnic
Re-experience Electric Picnic through this perfect first-person video
If you’ve never been, this will make you want to go. Badly.