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# Middle East
Gaza flotilla raid legal, says Israeli inquiry
The Israeli raid on a Turkish ship bound for Gaza was legal, a commission finds, because Israel is in a state of war.
# GE11
No money, no leaders, no Irish: what the world's papers say
Guess what the world’s press makes of Ireland’s latest political woes? No prizes for guessing: they don’t think it’s good.
# compact cabinet
Greens' ministerial briefs assigned to Ó Cuív and Carey
Éamon Ó Cuív and Pat Carey will take three briefs each for the final weeks of the current government.
# FF Leadership
Conor Lenihan decides not to contest FF leadership
# Finance Bill
Independents say Finance Bill support is "not guaranteed"
Michael Lowry and Jackie Healy-Rae put the Finance Bill in further jeopardy – saying they may not vote for it.
Gilmore demands Dáil to be dissolved by end of week: statement in full
Read the full statement made by Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore.
# GE11
Labour demands that Finance Bill be enacted this week
Labour says it will withdraw its motion of no confidence if the Finance Bill is enacted – and the Dáil dissolved – by next weekend.
# GE11
Green Party to withdraw from coalition
The Greens withdraw from government – but will continue to support the Finance Bill from the Dáil’s opposition benches.
# GE11
Green Party quits government: the statement in full
The full text of John Gormley’s statement, in which he announced that his Green Party was withdrawing from government.
# Finance Bill
Lenihan to hold immediate meetings on Finance Bill
The Finance Minister will meet with opposition finance spokespersons tomorrow to arrange a timetable for passing the bill.
# Sexism
Sky football pundits in hot water over ‘sexist chat'
The Mail on Sunday audio records men sounding like Richard Keys and Andy Gray, making sexist remarks about a female linesman.
# FF Leadership
Hanafin wants to lead Fianna Fail 'movement, not party'
Mary Hanafin says she wants to involve more women and young people – and hopes male TDs are ready for a female leader.
# FF Leadership
Brian Lenihan: I have the support of a very large number of deputies for leadership
In his lunchtime press conference, Lenihan insists that the problems in Ireland’s economy did not begin on his watch.
# tunisia
It's not just Ireland... Tunisian PM steps down
Tunisia’s Prime Minister says he’ll quit politics as soon as elections are held to appoint a new government to succeed him.
# Li Ker-Ching
Asia's richest man eyeing up Irish state assets
Li Ka-Shing, who’s worth over €15bn, is considering investing in the ESB, Bord Gais, and Ireland’s ports.
# Kerry
Eight rescued after 40ft yacht runs aground
A 40-foot motor cruiser runs aground in the early hours off the coast of Co Kerry, leaving eight requiring rescue.
# Your Say
Poll: Who gets your vote for the FF leadership?
Martin, Lenihan, Ó Cuív or Hanafin – if you were a Fianna Fáil TD, which would you be opting for?
# FF Leadership
Four senior FF figures declare leadership intentions
Micheal Martin, Brian Lenihan, Éamon Ó Cuív and Mary Hanafin will all be candidates in Fianna Fáil’s leadership election.
# FF Leadership
FF election candidates demand input in leadership contest
A Fianna Fáil candidate in the general election in Clare says the party’s next Dáil crop should have a role in picking a leader.
# GE11
Opposition parties again call for immediate general election
Both Fine Gael and Labour have said they will table varying motions of no confidence this week if there’s no immediate election.
# FF Leadership
Green Party to meet tomorrow to discuss FF leadership
# FF Leadership
Fianna Fáil leadership: who's next?
Paddy Power’s already got his market open – and there’s only one horse running.
# FF Leadership
Fianna Fáil votes to pick new leader on Wednesday
TDs have until Monday afternoon to decide if they want to be FF leader, and will vote to elect one on Wednesday.
# GE11
Cowen resigns FF leadership: statement in full
The Taoiseach’s full statement on how he’s staying Taoiseach, despite having a new party leader elected this week.
# Your Say
Poll: Will changing leader encourage you to vote Fianna Fáil?
Will the change of leadership make a difference for Fianna Fáil’s fortunes in a general election in 48 days’ time?
# FF Leadership
Brian Cowen quits as FF leader, remains as Taoiseach
Brian Cowen resigns the leadership of Fianna Fáil but will continue to lead government – saying it’s not to do with the reshuffle.
# IPocalypse
Watch out: we're about to fill up the internet
We’re only about 10 days away from running out of internet ‘postcodes’, says an internet provider encouraging an upgrade.
# FF Heave
Brian Cowen to make media statement at 2pm
# GE11
TD denies breaking litter laws on Irish Times front page
Frank Feighan is pictured with a campaign poster on the front of today’s Times – forcing him to deny breaching litter laws.
# Gabrielle Giffords
Gabrielle Giffords could make 100% recovery, say doctors
The Congresswoman shot in the brain 14 days ago is discharged from hospital – and should retain ALL her mental abilities.
# Co Clare
Two die in Co Clare house fire
Two men, in their 60s and 30s, are killed in an overnight fire at Tubber, just beside the border with Galway.
# FF Heave
Seven days on, Ó Cuív refuses to back Cowen
Friday, January 14: Brian Cowen has Éamon Ó Cuív’s full support as Fianna Fáil leader. Friday, January 21: No comment.
# The Late Late Show
THAT Jim Corr appearance on the Late Late Show
You might have missed it, but people are talking – so here’s the full 14 minutes of Jim Corr’s spot on the Late Late Show.
# Roads
Gardaí seek local help to identify Cashel crash victims
Three men are killed after their car hit a truck on the N8 outside Cashel – but Gardaí cannot identify the deceased.
# Fire
Three firemen treated after major Stillorgan fire
21 units of Dublin Fire Brigade were summoned to Stillorgan after a pub, dry cleaners, restaurant and apartments are damaged.
# Chilean Miners
Chilean mine collapse report blames owners
The mining accident which trapped 33 men below ground for 72 days has been blamed on poor regulation and inadequate safety measures.
# Post Office Raid
Co Wexford post office raided by armed man
Man made off with undisclosed amount of money from post office in Ramsgrange this morning.