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Leo's meeting with Pence makes global headlines as Taoiseach avoids gaffes in Washington
The Taoiseach’s visit to Pence’s house, alongside his long-term partner, dominated coverage yesterday.
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“The internets is an amazing series of tubes that you should pay for” – elected officials.
Magnificent Seven: reasons why goal-line technology should be introduced
Following Ukraine’s goal that never was, we highlight a few other similar incidents in which officials guessed incorrectly.
Premier League linesman dropped from game following gaffes
Dave Bryan has been withdrawn from Liverpool’s match with Blackburn tomorrow.
13 fabulously cringetastic moments of the year
Politicians in particular excelled at making a show of themselves – even when they are not intending to.
Video: 2011 - the year in gaffes
From the government’s €3.6bn ‘accounting error’, to confusing a Hollywood actor with a serial killer, here are this year’s most memorable gaffes.
This Charming Man: The comedy stylings of Joseph S. Blatter
Sepp Blatter’s comments on racism are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the FIFA president and a serious case of foot in mouth disease…
Ms Piggy and Yo Blair: 5 of the best open-mic political gaffes
And one other that had far reaching implications for its protagonist: Brian Cowen…
Retrospective: Jamie Redknapp's adventures in punditry
The pundit will literally [sic] be all over tomorrow’s Premier League clash between Liverpool and Manchester United, so what sort of penetrating analysis can we expect?
Joe Biden specials: 8 of the American VP's major gaffes
Should we look forward to more Bidenisms on the VP’s Twitter account?