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'Love is love': Televised gay kiss lights up Olympics
It has been hailed by some as a landmark moment in Games history and the footage went viral on social media.
'Long and passionate' gay kiss labelled breach of the peace
‘The charges would be laughable if they didn’t reflect exactly the anti-gay sentiment the activists are fighting.’
John Barrowman's gay kiss at Commonwealth Games illegal in 42 Commonwealth countries
John Barrowman laid a smacked on another performer at the opening ceremony.
Russian sprinters cite 'storm of emotions' as they slam claims of gay kiss
Dundrum management deny gay kiss 'kick-out'
“Couples being overly intimate in public areas… are treated equally regardless of sexuality, nationality or creed.”
Facebook furore after Dundrum asks gay kissers to leave centre
Volunteers with a gay radio station were told it was “policy” not to allow gay kisses.