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C-section guilt and not being "there": Why do mums feel such pressure to have a natural birth?
An emergency C-section kept my daughter safe, but it certainly wasn’t on my birthing plan, writes Sheena McGinley.
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This Irish blogger is live-Snapchatting giving birth today
Beauty blogger Grace Mongey went into labour last night, and has been sharing updates ever since.
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A new dad posed for a selfie with his wife giving birth in the background
And he lived to tell the tale.
Construction site to delivery room: How I became one of Ireland's few male midwives
Dan Oakes worked as a project manager building skyscrapers. But when the bust came along, he decided to retrain as a midwife.
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Brian Blessed 'delivered a baby in a park and bit through its umbilical cord'
Very impressive.
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'I was back training 3 days after giving birth' - The life of an Irish Olympic hopeful
Sinead Jennings and Claire Lambe chat to The42 about next week’s World Championships and Rio 2016.
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A pregnant woman got lost in a forest, gave birth, then fought off placenta-hungry bees
Eventful few days, then.
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Here's what happens when lads have to go through labour pains
So much pain, so little sympathy.
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Irish people watch a baby being born for the first time, and react predictably
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This glamour model sold tickets to watch her giving birth, and the internet went crazy
(The tickets are now sold out.)
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Woman gives birth outside Primark store in Birmingham
The baby girl was born to cheers from onlookers.
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Woman who gave birth in the leg of her onesie claims it saved her baby's life
The onesie – everyone’s friend.
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Study: Better for women to be cared for by midwives than doctors when giving birth
Women who had midwife-led care had fewer epidurals, fewer episiotomies and were less likely to give birth early.