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Grand Theft Auto V is part of an exclusive club but who else is in it?
It’s now the fourth best-selling game of all time after selling 65 million copies worldwide.
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The people behind Grand Theft Auto weren't impressed with that Daniel Radcliffe film
Not one bit impressed.
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Old people play Grand Theft Auto for the first time, get intensely into it
The cutest gamers you’ll ever see.
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Weird Wide Web: A Facebook experiment, a Lindsay Lohan lawsuit and a dog weight loss app
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
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Lindsay Lohan suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto V
She says they used her likeness without her permission.
Gaming granny goes on a rant about British Gas while playing GTA V
That’s one way to get out your frustration!
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WATCH: 41 small but amazing touches in Grand Theft Auto 5
The game’s attention to detail is something else.
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Weird Wide Web: GTA nostalgia, a booze-powered computer and a Reddit cult
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Grand Theft Auto V makes more than $1 billion in just three days
The makers of the hugely popular game say it has made more than most blockbuster films in its first few days.
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11 ways to get your sporting fix from Grand Theft Auto
All in the game, yo.
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9 simple steps to becoming a Grand Theft Auto V hermit
Your mission, if you chose to accept.
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Why is there so much fuss about Grand Theft Auto V or 'GTA V'?
Fans around the world are going crazy for the latest edition of the game.
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Check out the queues for GTA V last night
People were really excited about it.
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This Grand Theft Auto Father Ted reference is amazing
It really is grand.
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UK newspaper forced to apologise after 'Grand Theft Auto' boo-boo
The Daily Star pay “substantial damages” after publicising a ‘Grant Theft Auto: Rothbury’ game.