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Have they turned off your TV signal? Never mind, here’s Irish sports television on one page

Who needs a set-top box?

SO YOU HALF-listened to those ads about the analogue switchover, put it on the long finger and ultimately forgot?

And now you’re staring at a blank TV screen and your friends and family are laughing at you, right? Never mind, sports fan, you can just watch this stuff over and over. Here’s Irish sports TV on one page.

This is Marty Morrissey jumping over a bench:

INPHO/Lorraine O’Sullivan

This is Darragh Maloney in a sombrero and fake moustache:

This is Matt Cooper singing on a tread mill. Obviously:

YouTube: muttoner

And here’s Trevor Welsh and Jose Mourinho sharing some custard creams. As the TV3 commentator says: ‘nice’.

YouTube: dearcee

This is a message from our sponsors:

YouTube: chalkitdowm

This is Lyster, Cyril and Michael Duignan stuck on the Famous People When They Were Kids round at the Sunday Game table quiz

INPHO/James Crombie

The evolution of an MNS panellist:

INPHO/Donall Farmer

Here’s Roy Keane and Clarence Seedorf pinging the football at each other:

YouTube: xoxGeordie66xox

This Joe Canning hand-pass should be on a loop on RTE:

From Balls.ie

This is Bill O’Herlihy in a clap-clap baseball cap, ladies and gentlemen. Live.

Here comes Sonia…

YouTube: /jimbojimjimbo

This is Donal Lenihan’s moustache. It will lose a lot of it’s power now the analogue signal has been turned off, of course:

This is Kevin Kilbane… eh.. rapping? I think he’s rapping.


The Gooch is good at football:

YouTube: /jcoshea

And Paul Galvin is good at fashion (and football admittedly)

John Giles looking dapper in 1969? No problem…

This is Denis Irwin jumping off the top rope:

Irish sports journalists ask the tough questions; here’s Paul Kimmage — rattled, by his own admission — taking on Lance at the height of his powers:

YouTube: cyclefilm

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