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Southgate defends Maguire after Roy Keane criticism
‘I don’t know, is he a Hulk Hogan fan? I don’t know what the celebration was for,’ the England boss said.
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Hulk Hogan leads the tributes following the death of WWE icon 'Mean' Gene Okerlund
The famous announcer and interviewer has died at the age of 76.
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Sex, lies and videotape: Hulk Hogan, Donald Trump and freedom of the press
A new documentary delves into the murky world of how the powerful silence the media, with the former wrestler’s sex-tape at the centre of it.
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The saga is over: Gawker and Hulk Hogan settle for $31 million
The invasion-of-privacy case revolved around a sex tape posted on
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Gawker has been made tap out by Hulk Hogan's €121 million lawsuit
The site will close next week.
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Your crash course in... The tech billionaire who took down Gawker and is now backing Trump
Peter Thiel’s decision to back Republican nominee could have something to do with ending democracy.
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Buyer steps in after Gawker goes bust over Hulk Hogan sex tape
The US media group was hit with a $140 million judgement earlier this year.
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Revealed: Facebook billionaire secretly backed Hulk Hogan's sex tape lawsuit
Peter Thiel has had a feud against Gawker Media since it outed him as gay in 2007.
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The murky wrestling underworld that Vince McMahon helped cultivate
Two years ago, the WWE chairman and CEO lost $350 million. Many would argue it was karma.
# Whatcha Gonna Do?
Gawker challenges jury's decision to give Hulk Hogan €120 million over sex tape
They feel evidence wasn’t presented.
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20 of our favourite Wrestlemania moments
With the biggest event in the WWE’s calendar set to occur tonight, we take a look back at some legendary matches
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Hulk Hogan has just been awarded even more cash in his sex tape lawsuit
The more wrestler was already awarded $115 million.
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Hulk Hogan awarded $115 million after sex tape trial
The jury found against Gawker Media.
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Journalism professor testifies at Hulk Hogan sex tape trial
The wrestling star is suing Gawker Media for $100 million.
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"I was completely humiliated": Hulk Hogan testifies at sex tape trial
“This man stood there naked, and exposed, to the world,” the wrestler’s lawyer told the court.
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Hulk Hogan says he contemplated suicide after racist comments leaked
The wrestling legend took part in an emotional interview this morning.
# Controversy
The Rock has responded to Hulk Hogan's racist comments
He says Hogan is “paying the price” for his racist remarks.
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Wait, isn't that...? Hulk Hogan’s Twitter account is one big train wreck
Please, stop retweeting things.
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Hulk Hogan's Twitter account has got the whole internet talking today
Please, stop retweeting things.
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Hulk Hogan apologises for racist remark, begs forgiveness
The legendary wrestler has been sacked by the WWE.
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Hulk Hogan has just fallen for the oldest Twitter prank in the book
# old school
How well do you remember your 90 wrestlers?
And yes, we know it was fake even then.
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Is this the most unlikely tag team in WWE history?
We wonder what Snoop’s finisher would be?
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Look who Enda Kenny wrestled* with yesterday
*Sort of
# When Enda met Hulk
So Enda Kenny met Hulk Hogan yesterday...
Yeah, no big deal.
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7 athletes who couldn't stay away from their favourite game
Can Paul Galvin learn anything from these contemporaries?
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Check out the trailer for this upcoming documentary on an Irish wrestling legend
Danno O’Mahoney took the business by storm in the 1920s.
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Erm, looking good D'Arce! It's the sporting tweets of the week
Also featuring Hulk Hogan, Andy Murray and Richie Sadlier.
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It's only a game Shane! It's the sporting tweets of the week
Also featuring Chris Kamara, Lolo Jones and Caroline Wozniacki.
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Why everyone should watch WrestleMania tonight
Or set the Sky box if you Hulkamaniacs need to get up for work these days.
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These 22 pictures will make you nostalgic for past Wrestlemanias
The Rock, Hulk Hogan and some more of our favourites captured in action.
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Deadly snakes, Hulkamania and Sylvester Stallone: It's the week in comments
Joey Barton opened his Twitter gob again and the hurlers of Cork and Tipperary served up a treat.
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3…2…1… Here’s our favourite Royal Rumble moments of all time!
Forget your Superbowls and World Series. The biggest night in American sports entertainment is tonight.
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Tweet Sweeper: Brian McFadden irons his shirts with a wok
… or at least he’s thinking about it.
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Hulk Hogan is starting a new web hosting service called Hostamania
No no, that’s exactly what you read.
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Mayor of Toronto beats Hulk Hogan at arm wrestling
This wasn’t a fix at all. AT ALL.
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23 signs you were an old-school wrestling fan
With Summerslam having just ended, we’re feeling a little nostalgic.
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Here are Hulk Hogan’s best matches to celebrate his 60th birthday
This ones for you Hulkamaniacs.
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The Dredge: What the blazes has Beyoncé done to her hair?
The best of the day’s celebrity dirt!
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VIDEO: Hulk Hogan predicts Man Utd will 'squash' Everton on Football Focus
Do not adjust your eyeballs, the Hulkster just predicted a 40-1 Chelsea win over Wigan