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'What was Zeus playing at?': A tour with a difference is hoping to get more people into art
It’s part of a new arts festival taking place in Dublin next week.
Woods makes miraculous saving shot but slips to defeat in Texas
Meanwhile, Bubba Watson and former world number one Jason Day were eliminated from the WGC-Match Play Championship.
Opinion: CBT and improv helped me to conquer my social anxiety (people-terror)
‘I’ve failed job interviews, turned down opportunities and ruined relationships because of anxiety’, writes Stephen Buggy.
'What is this magic, how are they making this up as they go along?'
Improvisers from all over the world are performing in Dublin this week.
This empty old house is being turned into a unique venue for a Sligo festival
A building called Breda Murphy’s House is being turned into a temporary gig venue.
'Improv can tell us a lot about ourselves, it's very liberating'
There’s a greater vulnerability associated with improv than other forms of performance, Neil Curran explains why that doesn’t have to be scary.
Be silly, have fun and don't worry what you look like
Silence that inner giraffe – or whoever tells you to stay quiet.
You're having a baby, then learning interpretive dance - that's the joy of improv
Our show is now less than a week away.
You probably won't spontaneously combust, just get up and say something
You can’t really prepare for improv – that’s what makes it scary … and fun.
'You find the game, then you play it'
And you should never leave a soldier behind.
It's week six and we're running the gauntlet
…And looking at how long-form improv can make us better listeners.
We're halfway through and seeking guidance from the Karate Kid
This week we’re getting more physical and thinking less.
Four weeks in and I'm doing my best impersonation of the pope
It’s uncanny.
'There's always a desire to create an alien invasion, resist it'
Week three of learning long-form improvisation explores going ‘too big’ with problems.
'One minute you're a drug dealer, then a ballerina'
Here’s how my second class went.
Will learning improv cure my fear of public speaking? Let's find out
I need to silence my inner giraffe.
Make me a stand-up comedian: Week 5
We’re half way through, but my routine is nowhere near even started…
Rugby league gave us another outrageously instinctive piece of skill yesterday
Still one touch short of Steph Roche though…
Neil Diamond singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ at Fenway Park was as spontaneous as it looked
All together now…
GAA player scores a header in today's Ballinderry-Donagh clash
An Ulster U-21 game was lit up by the amusing moment this afternoon.
WATCH: Ron Artest’s duelling egos do stand-up gig
The LA Lakers’ most intriguing squad member took at stab at improvised comedy last week. As you’d expect, the results were pretty interesting.