# Irish Economy

Last week
28th May 2023 - 3rd June 2023
Opinion: 'How to spend the country's €65 billion surplus and make people happy'
Dr Mark Henry argues that Ireland’s budget surplus should be invested in the blueprint for national well-being.
Last year
Analysis: Are we headed for recession? Does it matter?
Economist Victor Duggan says there’s talk of the ‘R’ word everywhere, but we might just avoid it if the many global storms settle.
# Economic Outlook
Central Bank forecasts strong growth and drop in unemployment as economy shrugs off Omicron
Economic activity is back to pre-pandemic levels but inflation looms large.
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# Economic Growth
Irish economy to grow by 13.6% by end of 2021, as unemployment rate falls to 7%
The domestic economy is set to have increased by 6.2%, due to an increase in household spending.
Opinion: To maintain economic resilience we must learn from the past and look to the future
Vasileios Madouros of the Central Bank says a fresh review of its mortgage lending measures will include submissions from the public.
# Alexei Navalny
Chemical watchdog confirms Navalny poisoned with Soviet-era nerve agent
The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons carried out its own analysis of samples taken from the Russian opposition figure.
# Leinster House
Dáil to sit today to discuss Covid-19 impacts on Ireland's economy
The Taoiseach will answer questions about the public health emergency.
# Economy
Irish economic growth expected to slow even with Brexit trade deal, says Central Bank
Overall, the country’s economic growth has been described as “broadly positive”.
Opinion: The robots are coming - and men should be more worried than women
The rise of automation is threatening widespread job destruction – especially for men.
Previewing Ireland's economy in 2019: The stats don't lie - Ireland is doing well right now
And yet there are some potential concerns to look out for in 2019, writes Victor Duggan.
Here's the impact of Ireland’s economic crisis on housing in graph form
Planning permissions peaked in 2004 with 101,653 permissions for construction of both new houses and apartments.
# brexit wounds
Even in the best-case Brexit scenario, the Irish economy will still take a hit - government report
The Irish economy could take a hit of up to 7% in its GDP
# Employment Authority
Some foreign nationals in Ireland work in 'conditions that are close to slavery'
The head of the Workplace Relations Commission spoke to Newstalk about strikes, the ‘gig economy’ and a Supreme Court ruling.
# Four more years
For the 4th year running Ireland is set to be Europe's fastest growing economy
Ireland is expected to grow by 5% this year, up from previous Davy estimates of 3.7%.
# it's the economy stupid
The medium-term outlook for Ireland is good - but Brexit and housing bubble are looming risks
A new ESRI report looks at how the possible Brexit scenarios will affect Ireland.
# brexit wounds
A hard Brexit could cost 40,000 Irish jobs - report
The paper says that there is “almost a complete consensus in the international literature that Brexit will have a negative effect on the UK economy”.
# factcheck
FactCheck: Is Ireland actually the world's "most globalised" country?
FactCheck looks into a claim that has been doing the rounds online in recent days.
# Budget 2017
Retailers fear return to cross-border shopping if sterling continues to fall
Retail sector representatives are calling on the government to take “decisive steps” as Irish consumers react to Brexit.
# Trouble Brewing
These international problems could seriously wreck Ireland's economic plans
The Department of Finance is predicting big growth, but only if everything goes as it wants it to.
# Deja Vu
These are 5 things that could wreck Ireland's economy all over again
The OECD has a lot to say about where the country is headed in its latest survey.
# hello sunshine
There are few clouds on the horizon for the Irish economy right now
Growth has been ‘exceptionally strong’ so far this year, but jobs and wages haven’t caught up.
# retail sales
A price war is making things much cheaper for consumers
The volume of retail sales has risen by 11.9% since last year.
Here are the things that could push Ireland over a cliff this year
The housing market, the fallout from the UK election and the situation in the Middle East are all on the government’s radar.
# default in our stars
Argentina just burned its bondholders - could we have done the same?
What makes our situation different from theirs?
# the more the merrier
Here's how Richard Bruton plans to create 7,000 jobs a year in multinational companies
We will be “competing to win”, the Minister said.
# It Gets Better
Government deficit drops to 5.6% of GDP
That’s down from 7.9% this time last year.
# missed target
Euro growth slowdown sets alarm bells ringing
Growth in the EU and the eurozone is underwhelming, the latest figures show.
# reluctant
Despite being more confident about the economy, Dubliners are wary of setting up a business
The Your Dublin, Your Voice survey is the fifth of of its kind and set out to find how Dubliners are feeling about their current financial situation.
# Bailout exit
The reviews are over but we may not leave for "a number of years" --- IMF Mission Chief
Ireland remains on track to exit the bailout following the final review, but the IMF says it has no immediate plans to withdraw its officials from Dublin.
# Austerity
Government needs to press ahead with €3.1 billion Budget adjustment, ESRI says
The think tank says the package is the best course of action, whatever happens in the economy.
# Irish Economy
Contain your shock: Irish homes are borrowing less and less
5Central Bank data shows household lending fell by 4.5 per cent in the twelve months to May 2013.
# Uh-Oh
Ireland is officially back in recession
The economy shrank in the first quarter of 2013. And in the last quarter of 2012. And in the third quarter of 2012…
# Bailout loans
Ireland gets another seven years to repay its European bailout loans
EU finance ministers have officially signed off on a deal which means the average European loan will be repaid in 19.5 years.
# Bailout
Ireland gets another €1.6 billion in bailout loans from the EFSF
That’s on top of the IMF loans announced earlier today – and these ones will be on the books until 2042.
# Rain on the parade
Brussels report says Irish economy will grow slightly less than govt forecast
Dublin said 1.5 per cent growth in the Budget, and 1.3 per cent last week… but the European Commission says 1.1 per cent.
# the gathering
7.4pc more overseas tourists in first three months of The Gathering
CSO figures confirm a significant bump in tourist numbers from abroad in the first quarter of 2013.
# Northern Ireland
Gilmore to visit Northern Ireland to mark 15 years of 'Good Friday'
The Tánaiste will meet Britain’s Northern Secretary and the First and Deputy First Ministers to discuss continued peace.
# Live Register
Numbers on Live Register down by 2,200 in March
Unemployment stayed at 14.0 per cent last month with only a minor drop in the numbers signing on.
# Contraction
Irish economy starting to wilt again
Manufacturing indexes across Europe paint a stark picture this morning.
# Muckross Park Hotel
All jobs saved as receiver is appointed to Muckross Park Hotel
Bill Cullen and Jackie Lavin took over the hotel in 1990.