# Karma

All time
Miller deserves boxing ban but Joshua won't knock him while he's down
The British heavyweight believes Jarrell Miller’s words have come back to bite him.
Glenn Hoddle waiting for England call
‘Any proud Englishman would want to discuss this opportunity.’
11 pranks that backfired spectacularly
Mild ouchies within.
Impatient driver recklessly overtakes truck in Dublin… right into the teeth of an unmarked Garda car
Here's all the proof you need that instant karma does exist
Delicious, delicious karma.
Oh nothing, just the clampers getting towed away in Dublin
“Doop de doo, nothing to see here” – clampers.
Video: Woman falls TWICE as she tries to steal potted plant from front garden
One word – karma.
Áras Attracta residents sent 500 Christmas cards by Irish wellwishers
The three residents of Bungalow Three whose ill-treatment was highlighted on RTÉ exposé sent flowers and gifts.
Nobody has ever deserved to crash their car as much as this boy racer
Sometimes, things are just *right*.
Irish girl's beach video goes horribly wrong thanks to bird poo
As she said herself: “;-/ karma”
This pushy driver learned exactly why you never overtake on the inside
And got a lesson in karma.
11 people who immediately got what was coming to them
Sweet delicious comeuppance.
Driver's attempt to skip traffic jam backfires mortifyingly
Today we learned a karma lesson.
Badass tree fights back at man using it for target practice
We welcome our new wooden overlords.
Toddler refuses to share Pop-Tart, karma gets instant revenge
This is why we can’t have nice things.
Twitter is burning Piers Morgan HARD because his show got cancelled
The internet isn’t too disappointed to hear that Piers Morgan Live has been cancelled.
Well this chair pulling prank didn't go exactly to plan
In your FACE.
Lads caught on CCTV... fixing a bike rack at 3am
The late-night revellers were seen doing an unexpected good deed for a Lincolnshire town.
Smug construction worker learns very mucky lesson
This guy learned a few essential life skills.
Would you hand back €5,000 you found on the ground?
Breck Reeves found €5,200 in an envelope… and gave it back straight away.
Seagull steals entire dinner... then gets its comeuppance
Karma is a b****.
8 of the soundest people in the world ever
These people are paying it forward.
It is spreading across Ireland - but what exactly is suspended coffee?
Suspended coffee is the slightly clunky name for a cheap good deed which has been spreading across Ireland. Here’s what it’s all about.
Clamper vs. Garda Pic of the Day
What goes around…
Girl gets free ice cream for a year... after greedy boyfriend denies her
He never learned to share.
What goes around: this Emmanuel Eboue tackle enraged Man Utd's players in 2008
Now where have we seen this before?
Mayo fan reunited with ticket - someone is due some good karma
The Gardaí were not surprised by the honest actions of the local Westport folk.