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Krispy Kreme store records weekly revenues of almost €87,000 despite Covid closure
The Blanchardstown store shut down between March and May last year.
Krispy Kreme to open second location in Dublin
The shop will be located in Swords.
Krispy Kreme raked in almost €300k a week after its grand opening last year
People were swept up in the doughnut craze last September.
Which Dublin Donut Shop Are You?
Krispy Kreme have officially changed the game.
Night of the living fed: Krispy Kreme after dark took a trip to Krispy Kreme last night – all in the name of journalistic integrity.
Poll: Do you think people queuing for Krispy Kreme are out of their minds?
Would you be tempted to drive down there yourself?
Krispy Kreme is closing its 24-hour drive-through after traffic and noise complaints
Blanchardstown residents have reported late-night beeping and shouting by those queuing for doughnuts.
Poll: Do you like doughnuts?
People living close to the newly opened Krispy Kreme outlet in Blanchardstown have reported a constant queues of cars.
'A nightmare': Blanchardstown residents being kept up all night by beeping Krispy Kreme customers
Complaints about the traffic and non-stop noise have been made to the gardaí and the local council.
Hundreds of people in Blanchardstown have queued for doughnuts over the last two days
Hundreds of people have queued up outside Dublin’s newest Doughnut offering.
Belfast City Council intervenes after hundreds queue outside City Hall for free doughnut giveaway
US chain Krispy Kreme had 7,000 boxes of doughnuts to give away, before they were stopped by council officials.
Krispy Kreme to create 150 jobs in Dublin
The store will be located adjacent Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.
Krispy Kreme is officially one step closer to opening their Blanchardstown drive-through
13 reasons to get excited for Krispy Kreme's arrival in Ireland
This hero has started a petition to bring Krispy Kreme doughnuts to Dublin
Well played.
Krispy Kreme's new cheesecake doughnut looks devastatingly delicious
KRISPY KREME. Get over here.
Sorry, everyone -- Krispy Kreme is NOT coming to Dublin
A Facebook post stating it was opening in Dublin went viral earlier this evening.
Sorry, everyone -- Krispy Kreme is NOT coming to Dublin
A Facebook post stating it was opening in Dublin went viral earlier this evening.
Would you try this bacon-topped hot dog in a doughnut bun?
We think it looks quite nice, all things considered.
Krispy Kreme makes epic blunder by introducing KKK Wednesday promotion
Mortifying for all involved.
This poorly placed Weight Watchers sign would ruin all your good intentions
Oh, cruel world.
David de Gea and the case of the missing donut
The Spanish goalkeeper was tackled by security staff after the alleged theft.