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Last week
28th May 2023 - 3rd June 2023
# War in Ukraine
Girl, nine, among the dead after latest Russian bombardment of Kyiv
The casualty toll was the most from one attack on Kyiv in the past month.
# War in Ukraine
Russia strikes Kyiv in daylight after series of nighttime barrages
Kyiv has faced nearly nightly aerial attacks this month.
Last month
May 2023
# russian invasion
Russian air attack on Kyiv repelled as missiles were 'intercepted and destroyed'
Ukrainian officials said the attack was launched from the Caspian sea, where Russian bombers are stationed.
# Russia
Russia vows 'extremely' harsh response to incursions from Ukraine after attack on Belgorod
Belgorod governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said that the territory was targeted overnight by numerous drones.
# War in Ukraine
Ukraine claims gains around embattled Bakhmut, but admits Russian progress
Deputy Defence Minister Ganna Malyar said Ukraine had wrested back about 20 square kilometres around Bakhmut.
# War in Ukraine
Ukraine shoots down 35 drones over Kyiv as Russian attacks kill three people
The Ukrainian Defence Ministry said that Russia shelled 127 targets across the country using a vast amounts of equipment.
This year
Barry Andrews: For every day of war in Ukraine, 30 days of landmine clearing will be required
The Irish MEP recently visited Ukraine with an NGO and witnessed the difficult task of demining lethal weapons in a war zone.
# Kyiv
At least 19 people killed after Russian strikes hit several Ukrainian cities overnight
Ukraine condemned the strikes and stated that preparations for a highly anticipated offensive against Moscow’s forces were nearly complete.
# Kyiv
Ukraine forces cross Dnieper River as experts speculate it may be first signs of spring offensive
Geolocated footage indicated that Ukrainian troops had established a foothold near the town of Oleshky, the Institute for the Study of War said.
# Air sirens
Bright flash over Kyiv 'probably' meteorite says Ukrainian Space Agency
A NASA spokesman said it was not a satellite as the one question was “still in orbit”.
Poland to become first Nato member to send fighter jets to Ukraine
Ukraine has repeatedly asked its Western allies to send warplanes but so far no countries had committed to give jets to Kyiv.
# Refugees
'I cried with my daughter': Ukrainians given four days to leave Dublin hotel and find new school
Two sisters with five, eight, and sixteen year old children are being moved across Dublin after living in a hotel for the last year.
# Ukraine
Nine people killed as Russia pounds Ukraine with massive barrage of missiles
The strikes cut off electricity supplies to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.
A total of 81 missiles were launched, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.
40% of the population had been left without power for several hours.
Tom Clonan: At a horrendous human cost, Putin is throwing the 'kitchen sink' at Bakhmut
# Ukraine
Ukraine moves to fortify embattled frontline city of Bakhmut as Russia closes in
Moscow has been trying to capture the eastern city for months, though analysts say it has little strategic value.
# Ukraine
Ukraine says Russia is pursuing 'attempts to encircle' heavily contested city of Bakhmut
Bakhmut has been mostly reduced to rubble during the longest and bloodiest battle of the invasion.
# Warsaw
'Kyiv stands strong': Biden addresses crowds in Poland ahead of first anniversary of Ukraine invasion
Biden told crowds in Warsaw that US support for Ukraine ‘will not waver’.
Tom Clonan: 'Putin's aggression is going nowhere as this war reaches its first anniversary'
The security analyst says Putin’s back is to the wall and the global community must redouble efforts to bring an end to this war.
# Ukraine
Kyiv says it shot down Russian balloons as Zelenskyy says troops 'firmly holding' Bakhmut
The Ukrainian president said the situation in the eastern town was the “most difficult” on the frontline.
# Ukraine
UN chief says prospects for peace in Ukraine 'keep diminishing' as anniversary nears
It comes after Ukrainian officials said Russian forces are preparing for a large-scale offensive in the coming weeks.
# Summit
EU prepares more Russia sanctions as Kremlin readies offensive
Top EU officials met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv today.
# Ukraine
Ukraine to push for European Union membership at summit in Kyiv
Ukraine gained EU candidate status in June last year, several months after Vladimir Putin sent Russian troops rolling across the border.
# Ukraine War
US along with Germany and Norway announce tanks for Ukraine as battle intensifies
Norway has also promised tanks.
President Biden confirmed the news this evening.
Germany said it will also provide a company of 14 Leopard 2 A6 tanks from the Bundeswehr stocks
Norway confirmed it is also sending tanks
The powerful tanks are seen as key to punching through enemy lines
# Ukraine
Zelenskyy reveals 'several theories' are being investigated over helicopter crash near Kyiv
The crash, which killed 14 people including Ukraine’s interior minister, was not blamed on Russia.
# Ukraine
Strikes reported in east Ukraine despite Putin's ceasefire order for next two days
The 36-hour ceasefire was ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday to coincide with the Russian Orthodox Christmas.
# Kyiv
Russia says more than 60 soldiers killed in Ukrainian strike
However, Kyiv said that nearly 400 Russian troops were killed in Makiivka.
# Ukraine
Russia's New Year raids on Ukraine kill four and wound dozens
The head of the Kyiv police posted a picture of wreckage of a downed drone that featured the words “Happy New Year” in Russian.
Last year
# Ukraine
One person killed in Kyiv following Russian strikes on several regions, Ukraine officials say
AFP journalists in Kyiv heard at least 10 explosions in the early afternoon.
# Ukraine
Ukraine hit by 'massive' Russian missile attacks across several regions
Blasts were heard across the country including in Kyiv, Kharkiv in the east and the city of Lviv on the border with Poland.
Presidential aide Mykhaylo Podolyak said that more than 120 missiles had been fired by Russia.
Kyiv authorities have said that air defences downed all 16 missiles that targeted the Ukrainian capital.
Close to half of the capital city is without power following the strikes.
14-year-old girl among injured after shelling of Kherson village as Russia continues attacks
# Belarus
Putin lands in Belarus for talks with Lukashenko following heavy drone attack on Kyiv
The attack follows one of Russia’s biggest assaults on the city since the start of the war.
# Ukraine
Ukraine working to restore power after Russian missiles batter grid
The volley of missiles pitched multiple cities into darkness, cutting water and heat and forcing people to endure below-freezing temperatures.
# Kyiv
Zelenskyy says Ukraine shot down 'all' Russian drones in latest attack on Kyiv
City officials said debris from the downed drones damaged a number of buildings, but no one was reported injured or killed.
# Ukraine
Uneasy calm grips Ukraine as West prepares winter aid
The head of Nato has said Russian President Vladimir Putin is attempting to weaponise the coming cold season.
# Ukraine
Russian shelling kills 15 in Kherson as Ukraine battles to restore power
A barrage of missiles hit residential and commercial buildings, setting some ablaze.
# Kyiv
British Prime Minister Sunak meets Zelenskyy during first visit to Ukraine
Sunak’s arrival was accompanied by the announcement of a £50 million package of defence aid comprising 125 anti-aircraft guns and technology.
# Ukraine War
Fresh air raid alerts sound across Ukraine day after massive strikes but power is being restored
Fresh air raid alerts were sounding again across the country, raising concerns over new attacks.
Tom Clonan: Losing Kherson is a huge blow for Russia that will embolden the Ukrainian army
The security analyst looks at the recent gains for Ukraine and says it must now capitalise on this and win back more territory.
# Banksy
Banksy reveals artwork on side of damaged building in Ukraine
The anonymous graffiti artist has posted a photo of a mural he has created in the town of Borodyanka.
# counter-offensive
Kyiv prepares for harsh winter as Ukrainian soldiers reach recaptured border
‘If we’d had the weapons we do now in March, I’d already be on the Red Square’ in Moscow, a commander said.
# Ukraine
Water, power supplies restored in Kyiv after missile strikes
The Ukrainian military said Russia had launched 55 cruise missiles and dozens of other munitions yesterday.
# Ukraine
'Massive attack' by Russia on Ukraine energy facilities, says Kyiv
At least five explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital at 8am.