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Check out this jaw-rearranging shoulder barge in the Legends Football League

It’s become so much tougher since they took the word ‘lingerie’ out of the title.

THE COMPETITION FORMERLY known as Lingerie Football has been re-branded to the Legends Football League.

A scouting drive was carried out in Ireland back in May with a dozen women showing up to give the sport a bash.

LFL founder Mitch Mortaza said, back in January, the reason for the rebranding of the league is to ‘empower the women’ and ‘shift more of the focus to the sport’. Mortaza also said that people already come to watch LFL for the sport and not for the sex appeal.

One woman, Ashley Salerno of Los Angeles, is on a crusade to show just how tough players have to be to survive in the league. Check out her borderline legal bodycheck on Ali Alberts on Chicago, which was nominated for LFL Hit of the Year.

YouTube credit: XOSportsTV [H/T: @BigRedBench]

‘Why shouldn’t we be allowed play?’ – Legends Football comes to Ireland

Could a new look Lingerie Football League actually help reduce sexism in sport?

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