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We’re keeping tabs across Saturday afternoon’s matches, with Roscommon’s clash against Tyrone the pick of the matches at Dr Hyde Park.

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Limerick 1-21 Longford 1-15 (AET)

Tyrone 1-16 Roscommon 0-8

Antrim 0-11 Galway 0-10

Tipperary 1-13 Wexford 0-15

We’re up and running, and welcome.

Setting the scene for Roscommon v Tyrone, Ewan MacKenna wrote: “there were only positives for a Tyrone side in transition to take from going toe-to-toe with a serious All Ireland contender like Donegal.

“What we saw that day was an intensity few could match and while the scoring power isn’t there right now to beat with the very best, it’s certainly there to beat the rest. If Mark Donnelly can find some consistency, Peter Harte is given a role where he’s more involved, Martin Penrose continues to drop deep, Joe McMahon continues to show he’s best suited to midfield and the defence can cover their weaknesses with numbers, then this is a side that will be in the All Ireland quarter-finals believing they can go further.”

More of that here…

At Dr. Hyde Park, Tyrone have whatever advantage goes with the breeze, and the match is under-way.

We have the first score of the game – in fact, it’s the first of the day, and first blood goes to Tyrone’s Joe McMahon. Tyrone 0-1 Roscommon 0-0.

Longford and Limerick are also underway, and Longford have monopolised the early stages. Michael Quinn has shot the ball wide.

Meanwhile, Tyrone have a chance after Martin Penrose is fouled by Ian Kilbride. Penrose himself will take it, and it’s Tyrone 0-2 Roscommon 0-0.

Paul Barden puts Longford ahead by a point. Longford 0-1 Limerick 0-0.

Seanie Buckley has equalised for Limerick. Longford 0-1 Limerick 0-1. Meanwhile, it’s a second wide for Tyrone, with Owen Mulligan making a complete bags of his effort.

Another Longford point as Francie McGee restores their lead. Longford 0-2 Limerick 0-1. Meanwhile, Roscommon have their first point of the game as Cathal Cregg secures his third point in this year’s Championship. Tyrone 0-2 Roscommon 0-1.

Tyrone have a two-point advantage once again, and it’s Mulligan who scores his 102nd point in 59 Championship appearances. Tyrone 0-3 Roscommon 0-1.

Sean McCormack points for Longford but Limerick reduce the arrears to a single point again straight away. Longford 0-3 Limerick 0-2.

After a series of misses, Donie Shine scores his first point of the match, but Joe McMahon rifles an effort over to keep the two-point gap. It’s Tyrone 0-4 Roscommon 0-2 and we’re just shy of 20 minutes played…

Roscommon have a free-in from the 45-metre line and Donie Shine lines it up. He has scored his first point from placed balls and that should build his confidence. Just one point in it now, Tyrone 0-4 Roscommon 0-3, while Limerick have equalised at Pearse Park. Longford 0-3 Limerick 0-3.

As Tyrone kick their sixth wide, we can tell you that Stephen Lucey got that last Limerick point.

Limerick have taken the lead for the first time, Ian Ryan pointing for the Treatymen – Limerick 0-4 Longford 0-3. Far more entertaining than the fare on offer at Dr. Hyde Park. Tyrone and Roscommon are tying themselves up in knots.

No sooner is that written than Tyrone make a mistake, Roscommon seize possession and equalise through Senan Kilbride. Roscommon 0-4 Tyrone 0-4. Shortly afterwards Donie Shine, inexplicably, hands off free-taking duties to Cregg. Cregg misses. Poor decision making from the 23-year-old Shine.

Tyrone make the most of Roscommon’s sloppiness, as Mulligan grabs his second and third points of the game. Tyrone 0-6 Roscommon 0-4. Meanwhile, Limerick ‘keeper Brian Scanlon bangs over a ’45 and the visitors have a two point lead. Limerick 0-5 Longford 0-3.

Tyrone lead by three points at half-time, with Roscommon collapsing, while Niall Mulligan has scored the first goal of the game for Longford, who lead Limerick 1-5 to 0-7.

The Tyrone team is re-emerging and there don’t seem to be any changes… No sign of the Rossies yet.

Roscommon are back – no changes there either. They’ve given themselves a fine chance, they’re at home, they have the breeze. Three points is not unassailable.

At Pearse Park, we have two substitutions as David Barden and Padraig McCormack come on for John Keegan and Donal McEligott.

Tyrone have a penalty!

We have a six-point game as Peter Harte converts superbly. Meanwhile, it looks like Stephen O’Neill is coming on for Tyrone.

Another point, a super point, from the two-footed Owen Mulligan for Tyrone. It’s now Tyrone 1-9 Roscommon 0-4.

Early news, Tipp have take a two-point lead over Wexford, it’s Galway 0-2 Antrim 0-1, it’s suddenly Longford 1-7 Limerick 0-9, Tyrone have a ninth wide as Cathal Cregg reduces the arrears slightly.

Ten minutes played in both Casement Park and Semple Stadium, and it’s Antrim 0-2 Galway 0-2 and Tipperary 0-2 Wexford 0-2.

Meanwhile, it’s ten wides for Tyrone as Conor Gormley fails to convert.

As Michael Quinlivan bags a point for the Premier, Tyrone are cruising at Dr. Hyde Park. It seems a long time ago that Roscommon – who have scored just their second point of the second half to make it Tyrone 1-11 Roscommon 0-6 – were troubling Mickey Harte’s side.

Another Penrose point for Tyrone as Donagh Leahy scores a goal for Tipperary – it’s now Tipperary 1-4 Wexford 0-2.

Longford are keeping their noses in front against Limerick, and it’s now 1-10 to 0-11.

As Roscommon grab another point – too little too late – we have an update from Casement Park…

Johnny McCarthy has put just two points between Limerick and Longford, while Quinlivan scores an excellent point for Tipp. Antrim and Galway are level and the brilliant Darren McCurry (2) and Sean O’Neill have three more points for Tyrone.

McCurry is a real player. Four points. Keep an eye out.

As Tyrone beat Roscommon, Limerick have equalised against Longford! Hang on, no they haven’t! Sean McCormack sends the home crowd into raptures as he fires Longford into the lead again.

Hang on again!

Eoghan O’Connor levels for Limerick, it’s all over, and we have extra-time at Pearse Park.

It’s half-time at Casement Park and Galway lead Antrim 0-5 to 0-4.

From the Longford v Limerick match tracker: ‘Both teams jog back out in pitch, performing the odd stretch, all milling about between the forties for some reason, It’s ten minutes a half here and hopefully a winner.’

The first point of extra-time goes to Limerick’s Derry O’Connor.

Another point from Eoghan O’Connor puts Limerick two in front. Maurice Horan’s side have been far superior since the 50th minute of the game.

A free-kick from Alan Maloney gives Tipperary a four point lead over Wexford.

As Leahy misses a chance in front of the posts for Tipperary, Antrim and Galway exchange more points and Longford are reduced to 14 men following the dismissal of Declan Reilly.

That was for a second yellow card. Uphill task for Longford.

Sean McCormack could yet be the here for Longford, as his two points leaves just two in it. It’s currently Limerick 0-20 Longford 1-15, with three minutes left.

Another point from Michael McCann leaves it Antrim 0-7 Galway 0-5. Meanwhile, at Semple, Robbie Kiely picks up a yellow card as Shane Roche points to leave it a one-point game. Tense stuff, it’s now Tipp 1-8 Wexford 0-10.

More from the Longford tracker:

‘David Barden was roaming forward, palmed Limerick defender out of way, only he palmed his face and has been sent off. Longford down to 13.’

Longford are out of the Championship, with the full-time whistle preceded by a Derry O’Connor goal for the Treaty County. On balance of play it was the right result. Full time Limerick 1-21 Longford 1-15.

The Tribesmen level matters up again at Casement, it’s now Antrim 0-7 Galway 0-7.

Points from PJ Banville and Hugh Coghlan make it Tipperary 1-12 Wexford 0-13 – three of today’s matches have seen razor thin margins inside 70 minutes. Meanwhile, Padraic Joyce comes on for Galway.

With just five minutes remaining at Casement Park, it’s Antrim 0-9 Galway 0-9. It’s congested in the middle of the park and the Tribesmen have no time to get on the ball whatsoever.

‘Galway territorially dominant but Antrim are more likely in the final third.’ From RTE.

Redmond Barry has pointed to leave just one point between Wexford and Tipperary, but we’re in injury time and it looks like the Premier will pull off an unlikely win.

A free in for Galway in a kickable position – cometh the hour, cometh the Joyce? The veteran takes it and he nudges Galway in front – the visitors lead by 0-10 t0 0-9.

It’s all square at Casement Park! Tomás McCann levels the game for the umpteenth time, and Antrim go on the attack. Elsewhere, Tipp have beaten Wexford.

A late, late point for Antrim and it’s all over!

It’s a massive upset at Casement Park as Galway are dumped out of the Championship. An utterly absorbing finish to the game, cracking stuff.

That’s that for the 2pm and 3pm games, with some cracking surprises.

Performance of the day belonged to Tyrone, who beat Roscommon, and we’ll leave you with this image of manager Mickey Harte, looking to the heavens.

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