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Throw-in is 15 minutes away and, after a thrilling minor match in which Dublin beat Waterford by 6-19 to 5-13, it’s over to the main event…

Today’s teams…

Tipperary: Brendan Cummins, Paddy Stapleton, Paul Curran, Michael Cahill, John O’Keeffe, Conor O’Mahony, Padraic Maher, Gearóid Ryan, Shane McGrath, Noel McGrath, Seamus Callanan, Patrick Maher, Eoin Kelly (captain), John O’Brien, Lar Corbett.

Dublin: Gary Maguire, Niall Corcoran, Peter Kelly, Paul Schutte, Michael Carton, Joey Boland, Shane Durkin; Alan McCrabbe, Johnny McCaffrey, Conor McCormack, Ryan O’Dwyer, Liam Rushe; David O’Callaghan, Liam Ryan, Paul Ryan.

Brendan Cummins plays his 66th Championship game for Tipperary, surpassing the record of the legendary Christy Ring.

Dublin win the toss and will face into Hill 16 in the second half. The match is under-way!

The ball is in the net! Lar Corbett scores for Tipperary after barely two and a half minutes. It’s the worst possible start for the league champions. Tipperary 1-00 Dublin 0-00.

A brilliant score by Dublin’s Johnny McCaffrey. Tipp 1-00 Dublin 0-01.

A great score by Liam Rush – a wonderful point from a man who had only previously registered a single score in the current campaign. Tipp 1-00 Dublin 0-02.

Paul Ryan gets his first point for Dublin today and the sides draw level, or at least until Corbett shoots over the bar. Tipperary 1-01 Dublin 0-03. Hang on! Dublin point again. The sides are level. Tipp 1-01 Dublin 0-04.

A great start for Liam Ryan as he brings the Dubs level for the third time. Tipp 1-02 Dublin 0-05.

A simple score for Eoin Kelly. It’s 1-03 to 0-05.

A second point for Dublin’s Paul Ryan from a free-kick – it’s Dublin 0-06 Tipperary 1-03. Who predicted a rout?

Paul Ryan gets his first point from play, who takes a difficult chance while moving away from goal. Dublin lead, 0-07 to 1-03.

The two Dublin corner-forward combine brilliantly and O’Callaghan sends it over the bar. Dublin 0-08 to Tipp 1-03.

Paul Ryan’s latest free is his fourth point of the game. Tipperary are going to have to monitor their discipline. Dublin 0-09 Tipperary 1-04.

Lar Corbett, having touched the sliotar “about four times,” has a goal and two points. Dublin now have a 65, and it’s bang on target from Paul Ryan. It’s Dublin 0-10 Tipperary 1-05.

Another point for Lar, who now has 1-03 himself, before Paul Ryan scores a magnificent effort on the turn. It’s Dublin 0-11 Tipperary 1-07 – Shane McGrath then pointed for Tipp.

Gearóid Ryan gets on the scoresheet for Tipperary and the teams are level for the fifth time – Tipperary 1-08 Dublin 0-11.

This is frenetic stuff. Dublin’s confidence is sky high but Tipperary look dangerous every time they get the ball.

Gary Maguire makes a quite stunning save from Corbett!

Correction – the shot came from Callanan, not Corbett.

One minute of additional time to be played…

An Alan McCrabbe free-kick fails to trouble Cummins and the whistle is blown. Anthony Daly is slightly annoyed that half-time came as the Dubs attacked. It’s level at the break, Tipp 1-08 Dublin 0-11.

Maurice O’Brien is in for Dublin, and Brendan Maher comes in for Tipp. They’re off!

Noel McGrath gets his first score of the game, hinting at a meaner Tipp in the second half. Tipperary 1-09 Dublin 0-11.

Three points for Eoin Kelly for the day as he puts Tipp into a two point lead. Tipperary 1-10 Dublin 0-11.

Brendan Maher shoots wide…

Brilliant save from Maguire at his near post from Corbett. Tipp’s second 65 of the match is coming up – Eoin Kelly. Another point. Easy. Tipp 1-11 Dublin 0-11.

Maurice O’Brien gets his name on the scoresheet as the Dubs wake up. Tipp 1-11 Dublin 0-12.

For those of you interested in such things, Wayne Rooney has made it West Brom 0-1 Manchester United. Back at Croke Park, Paul Ryan has a free for Dublin and he now has seven points in the match. It’s Dublin 0-10 Tipperary 1-06.

Dublin are level again, wiping out Tipp’s brilliant start to the second half. But wait, Noel McGrath gets his team’s noses in front once more. Tipperary 1-12 Dublin 0-14.

A phenomenal nine points from Paul Ryan draws the teams level before Padraic Maher bags a beauty for the Premier. Tipp 1-13 Dublin 0-15.

Shane Long has scored on his debut, making it West Brom 1-1 Manchester United at the Hawthorns… Substitutions aplenty at Croker, meanwhile.

One Tipp man scores for West Brom, another scores for, well, Tipp. Eoin Kelly with a 65. Tipperary 1-14 Dublin 0-15.

Ryan O’Dwyer points for Dublin to leave just a single point in it, before Gearóid Ryan scores for Tipperary. It’s Tipp 1-15 Dublin 0-16. A phenomenal showing from the Leinster finalists, especially given their injury absences.

Dublin are let off as John O’Brien is dragged to the ground. Free out when the Dubs should have been penalised.

Simon Lambert comes in for Paul Schutte for Dublin.

Eoin Kelly grabs his sixth point of the match. With five minutes left, the fizz seems to have left the Dublin attack. Of course, as soon as I write that, Dublin score a point. Tipperary 1-16 Dublin 0-17. Then a beauty from Noel McGrath, so it’s Tipp 1-17 Dublin 0-17.

Padraic Maher’s second of the day makes it 1-18 to 0-17 in Tipperary’s favour. Four points in it, three minutes left.

Dublin float one over the crossbar and if they can just fashion a goal out of somewhere, a draw will be the result. Tipperary 1-18 Dublin 0-18.

Lar Corbett is at corner-back! Dublin are desperate. Two minutes of added time and we’re into it….

That’s surely it – a free to Tipperary. Pa Bourke is standing over the ball, and scores. 1-19 to 0-18.

They’ve won the Walsh Cup, they’ve won the National League, but Tipperary prove too great a foe for Dublin. Brendan Cummins saves a goal opportunity at the death and it finishes Tipperary 1-19 to Dublin 0-18. Declan Ryan and Anthony Daly embrace and it’s the Premier that will go on to face Kilkenny on the 4th of September. Thanks for sticking with us, over and out.

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