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This year
Notes from the Eurovision: X Factor-style climax axed by BBC and the Irish are 'feeling good'
Meanwhile, Marty Whelan isn’t sold on “older gentlemen in their underpants”.
'A good guy': Marty Whelan weighs in on talk that Patrick Kielty is ‘done deal’ for Late Late gig
Paddy Power last night suspended betting on its next Late Late Show host market following a string of bets on Kielty.
Last year
Quiz: How well do you know Marty Whelan?
A national treasure, but how well do you know him?
'An honour bestowed': Marty Whelan chats to the man who'll have him on his leg forever
Phil O’Kelly of Milltown got the tattoo of a youthful Whelan after losing a bet.
All time
'I still can’t believe it': Tipperary woman to appear on Winning Streak four months after winning €40k
Ann Skeffington said she still hasn’t decided what to do with her winnings from November.
RTÉ Radio 1 back on air in Dublin after transmission knocked out by Storm Ali
The station is back on air at 88.5FM this afternoon.
The case for following Marty Whelan on Twitter
He has a wonderful appreciation for moustaches,
11 reasons why Marty Whelan is a national treasure
Marty Whelan's santa suit was the talk of Winning Streak last night
He’s in the festive spirit.
10 of the best things to ever happen on Winning Streak
An 'I'm only here to shift Marty' sign was spotted in the Winning Streak audience
Doing God’s work, she is.
He took a gamble, lost ... and wasn't let near an RTÉ radio studio for another decade
Marty Whelan was the first big RTÉ star to jump ship for a rival. But it didn’t work out, and he ended up down the dole office within 24 months.
Nicky Byrne's game show axed as Marty Whelan returns
The Million Euro Challenge struggled to attract viewers.
Did you spot the most Irish woman ever on Winning Streak?
Over here Josephine!
Opinion: So... why are people suddenly chucking buckets of icy water over their heads?
One very, very good reason.
The real star of the Eurovision? That would be Marty Whelan's Twitter account
Move over, Conchita.
George Clooney? Nah, we're more Marty Whelan types
Sales of the RTE guide were much higher when Marty was cover-boy than George.
RTÉ revamping Winning Streak... Is Marty Morrissey taking over?
RTE has confirmed that there are changes afoot.
Marty Whelan reveals he got hair transplant to save his career
The Winning Streak presenter felt pressure to look good for the cameras.
15 contestants Winning Streak wouldn't be the same without
Did you send in your three stars this week?
Explainer: What happens when you win big money on a Lottery gameshow?
What would your strategy be? Would you brave the cameras yourself or nominate a ‘proxy’? Take the car or the cash?
Column: Cardinal rules - A day in the life...
This week, the (not) Primate of All Ireland talks us through his typical day – it’s not all smiling at old ladies and driving around in the mini, you know.
Not a fan of the Eurovision? Don't worry - the Oireachtas isn't enjoying it either
Marty Whelan’s line from Düsseldorf didn’t work for a while – and the Oireachtas twitter account was tickled by RTÉ’s response…