# mishap

Last week
26th November 2023 - 2nd December 2023
US Navy investigating flight data of military plane that overshot runway in Hawaii
The flight data was recovered yesterday during clean up operations.
This year
US Air Force asks public for help to locate missing downed F-35 plane
The base labelled the event a “mishap” and said that the pilot had safely ejected from the plane.
All time
Ulster only have themselves to blame after losing away to the Ospreys
Ulster dominated possession but somehow slipped up in Swansea.
'I came in early to speak to the manager and apologise. He said I was on my last chance' - Jesse Lingard
The midfielder thought his Manchester United career was over following an ill-advised social media post.
McDowell withdraws from Open qualifying after clubs get left in 'black hole known as CDG'
Air France have been blamed by the golf star after his clubs never made it to England for today’s Open qualifier.
Walker sues for €60k after falling and cutting her knee while hiking Wicklow Way
Teresa Wall says the ‘boardwalk was in a disgraceful state’.
John Stones did not have the best of afternoons as Swansea beat Everton
Meanwhile, in good news for Irish fans, Seamus Coleman made a second-half appearance off the bench.
Could Iker Casillas have done more to stop this spectacular Willian free-kick?
Chelsea were beaten 2-1 by Porto.
There were 4 goals in the final 7 minutes of the QPR-Liverpool game
Richard Dunne’s moment of misfortune had put the Reds ahead against the run of play.
This cinema sign mishap in Dublin is absolutely PERFECT
You couldn’t plan it better.
13 people who had just one job, dammit
Jobs are hard.
400 fans of Athletic Bilbao end up in Hungary for Europa League final
Budapest. Bucharest. Potato. Tomato.
WATCH: Intern getting hit by football
Giants player Michael Boley celebrated a touchdown by thowing the football at an intern’s face (accidentally).