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Galligan the hero as Cavan win it at the death against Monaghan
Cavan keeper Raymond Galligan struck an incredible free to secure one point – 2-15 to 1-17 win – for Cavan against their bitter rivals.
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'He's big time, isn't he? Anybody who knows Mads knows he is big time'
Ian Madigan was the match winner for Dan McFarland’s Ulster over in Murrayfield.
# Irish Abroad
Madigan nails 88th-minute conversion to give Lam's Bristol a vital win
The 29-year-old showed his composure at the very death against Northampton.
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"The crazier, the better!": Here's what Irish nail gals had to say about your mani habits
Relax. Your. Hands.
# Netflix
Netflix have released a Queer Eye/ Nailed It crossover episode and it's delightful
It is everything you want it to be and more.
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Here's why everyone's talking about new 'anti-baking' show Nailed It! on Netflix
And you thought you were bad at Home Ec.
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The 19 greatest Irish Halloween costumes of 2017
Above and beyond.
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Over five months on, Rock lands the Croke Park free that Dublin need most
League final miss against Kerry but on target for All-Ireland final against Mayo.
# party like it's 1999
Brian McFadden shared an old photo of Westlife meeting the Queen with the most cutting caption
And self-deprecating, too.
# tirty tree and a tird
BBC Three made a guide based on 'things not to say to Irish people' and they nailed it
Comedians In Rooms Dispelling Myths.
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This woman's manicure disaster is going so viral on Facebook
Oh good GOD.
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These three Dublin kids were brought up to dance on stage with Justin Bieber in the RDS last night
Backing dancers for the song Children, appropriately enough.
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Colin Farrell had Ellen DeGeneres in stitches with his manscaping story
Good man.
# trickshots nailed
A Galway man's Snapchat story shows how his apartment went all out for Pancake Tuesday
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These lads from Tallaght did 12 pubs dressed as Band Aid last night
Feeed the world.
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This wonderfully sweary song perfectly captures what a load of shite 2016 has been
Warning: contains some very NSFW language.
# grab cookies and coffee
People are loving the Dublin Cookie Co's blackboard taking the piss out of Donald Trump
“The only thing you can grab here are cookies and coffee”
15 Irish people who nailed their Halloween costumes this year
# nailed it
17 of the greatest Irish one-liners in the history of the internet
Jokes, comebacks, tweets. YES.
# nailed it
A granny from Wexford actually pulled off the greatest bottle flip this week
Double trouble.
# buckfast mojitos
15 times Irish pubs absolutely nailed it with their drinks creations
We’ll take one of each.
# nailed it
15 creative pieces of nail art inspired by Ireland
Get your fingers all patriotic
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A young Cavan singer was on BBC's Glastonbury coverage and blew everyone away
Remember the name: Áine Cahill.
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11 reasons painting your own nails is truly a pain in the arse
*smudges nails* *rages for an eternity*
# Tunes
Spotify has made a special St Patrick's Day playlist full of Irish bangers
There’s three B*Witched songs on there.
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11-year-old boy stuns Tiger Woods with hole-in-one at new course
The course was co-designed by Woods,who was there to see the inaugural shot.
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This Irish trad musician's cover of Thriller using just fiddles is so good
# zucker punch
Mark Zuckerberg had an excellent response to a question about 'dating the nerd' in school
# nailed it
This Mayo clothes shop sure knows how to pull in the customers
# put a pin in it
16 people who totally nailed these Christmas DIYs
Blame Pinterest.
# nailed it
Saoirse Ronan celebrated her Golden Globe nomination in this Dublin nail salon
The actress was getting her nails done in Tropical Popical when she got the good news.
# nailed it
Saoirse Ronan celebrated her Golden Globe nomination in this Dublin nail salon
The actress was getting her nails done in Tropical Popical when she got the good news.
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17 times kids absolutely nailed their homework
Good work, kids. Gold star.
# nailed it
This Dublin impressionist has gone super viral again with a tribute to the boys in green
We’re in celebration mode still.
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This new 'shattered glass' nail art trend looks seriously cool
# nailed it
This Channel 4 weatherman absolutely nailed a tough pronunciation and the internet rejoiced
Damn, that’s a mouthful.
# nailed it
An Irish DIY startup just got the attention of Silicon Valley
BonzaQuote has won a place in a top startup programme.
# teen choice
Here's why everyone is talking about Ellen DeGeneres' speech at the Teen Choice Awards
Nailed it.
# perfect moment
21 Irish people who saw the perfect opportunity and nailed it
We are a nation of opportunists.
# applause
The #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat meme is taking over the internet and it's brilliant
Hilarious too.