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Poll: Have you dropped any of your New Year's Resolutions yet?
A tsunami of new gym members is common in gyms across the country this month, although there can be a dropoff come February.
Opinion: Struggling to keep your New Year's Resolutions? It's all about short-term goals
Dr Emma Howard says it’s easy to set up ambitious resolutions but we won’t get far without short-term incentives.
Last year
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Countries around the world begin to ring in 2023 after turbulent year
Sydney was among the first major cities to ring in 2023.
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England's heroes, Chris Kamara included in New Years Honours List
Team captain Leah Williamson, who lifted the Women’s Euro trophy after a 2-1 victory over Germany at Wembley, has been made an OBE.
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These US twins were born 15 minutes apart, but in different years
Twins Alfredo and Aylin have birthdays on different days, months, and years.
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Poll: Are you making a New Year’s resolution?
New year, new you?
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Surgeries and outpatient appointments deferred at five hospitals over Covid-related staff absences
The CMO has warned it is ‘simply not safe’ for people to meet in large numbers to celebrate the New Year.
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Spectators banned from Sydney’s New Year’s fireworks
The move came as South Korea recorded its first cases of the Covid variant first identified in the UK.
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Crowd limits prompt cancellation of Dublin's New Year’s Festival
More than 100,000 people attended the three-day event last year.
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Quiz: Are these real or fake New Year's traditions?
Do people actually do any of these?
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PHOTOS: These brave souls took to the sea for a New Year's Day swim
Hundreds braved the cold to take their annual New Year’s Day plunge today.
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Johnson hails a decade of ‘prosperity and opportunity’ after Brexit in New Year's message
Johnson added that he was determined to be a “prime minister for everyone”.
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First babies of New Years began arriving just seconds after midnight
A baby was born at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda just three seconds past midnight.
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Poll: Are you making any new year’s resolutions?
New year, new you?
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Theresa May says Britain can 'turn a corner' in 2019 if parliament backs Brexit deal
Most British lawmakers do not back the deal May reached with the European Union.
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Poll: Have you literally ever had a good New Year's Eve?
Is this the worst time of the year?
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New Years resolutions are a total scam - I’m not making any and you shouldn’t either
Why make January any worse than it has to be, tbh?
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Twelve PRACTICAL ways to help the homeless this Christmas and New Year
It can be as simple as treating someone with empathy when they approach you in the street.
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New Year's resolutions down the drain? Here's exactly how to salvage them
It’s now January, and for most people, those ideas are long forgotten.
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Mark Zuckerberg's personal New Year's resolution is to 'fix' Facebook
Zuckerberg began taking on New Year’s challenges in 2009 and has continued every year since.
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Berlin New Year's festival sets up safe zone for women following 2015 sex assaults
Thousands of women reported being assaulted in Cologne in 2015.
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This girl's selfie perfectly illustrates what it’s like to be single on New Year's Eve
Surrounded by them.
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Breaking plates and binge-eating: People around the world celebrate New Years in different ways
Different cultures have different, odder, ways of ringing in a new year.
What Annoying Person at the NYE Party Are You?
You’re annoying, but we’ll tell you exactly HOW annoying.
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8 little resolutions that will make a big difference to your mental health
It’s all about the Little Things.
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GSOC 'mistaken' in instigating criminal probe into garda who later died by suicide
It follows an investigation into the tragic set of events that saw Sgt Michael Galvin taking his own life in Ballyshannon Garda Station last year.
All or Nothing: Here's how to avoid sabotaging your fitness goals
One moment of weakness after lunch or a bad sleep the night before and it’s sofa-central. Here’s how to stay on track.
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So many people messed up their inspirational New Year's Instagram posts
9 texts every Irish person has received on New Years
Beep beep.
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10 reasons why New Year's Eve is actually the Worst
Let’s get real.
'It’s the most wonderful time of the year… is it?'
Many look forward to Christmas and New Year as it is a time to reconnect with family, however, for others, it’s not so easy.
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Two arrested in Belgium over New Year terror plot
Military-type training uniforms, propaganda materials from the Islamic State group and computer material were seized by police during searches.
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There's only one word for this period on the festive calendar
One disgusting word.
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Don't fancy drinking this New Year's? This place is perfect for you
Funky Seomra are putting on a New Year’s night.
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9 simple exercise tips even the laziest person can fit into their day
Simple and easy ways to improve your fitness.
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Poll: Are you off the drink for the month of January?
Some people are doing it for charity, others are doing it for their own wellbeing or to save money. Are you?
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This man's attempt at thwarting his friends' New Year's kisses is hilariously petty
He’s an evil genius.
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12 unquestionably bleak New Year's resolutions
And you thought dry January was unappealing…
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At least 35 killed in New Year's party stampede
The tragedy occurred in Shanghai’s Bund 18 area.
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Watch Manila's spectacular free-for-all New Year's fireworks light up the sky
That’s some display.