# North Korea

Last month
June 2024
Putin arrives in Vietnam, a day after signing a mutual defence pact with North Korea
Putin and Kim Jong Un sign mutual defence pact as North Korea pledges support for Ukraine war
Putin hails North Korea's support for Ukraine war during first visit to the country in 24 years
South Korea says it will cancel peace deal with North Korea over rubbish-filled balloons
North Korea sends hundreds more rubbish-filled balloons to South Korea
This year
Kim Jong Un's sister denies claims that North Korea is sending weapons to Russia
North Korea tests more missiles as Kim Jong Un vows to increase navy strength
North Korea says tested 'underwater nuclear weapon system'
Kim Jong Un says North Korea military should ‘annihilate’ US and South Korea if provoked
Last year
Kim Jong Un pledges to launch three more spy satellites and build more nuclear weapons in 2024
North Korea's Kim Jong Un calls for 'accelerated' war preparations
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un again threatens use of nuclear weapons
North Korea resumes weapons launches by firing ballistic missile into sea
North Korea claims successful launch of spy satellite after previous failures
Four suspected North Korean defectors found in small boat in South Korean waters
US aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea in show of strength against North Korea
US soldier who crossed North Korean border released and now in US custody
Kim Jong Un gifted drones on his departure from Russia
Russian defence minister shows Kim Jung Un missiles and warship
Putin accepts Kim Jong Un's invitation to visit North Korea
Kim Jong Un says Russia will win a 'great victory' over its enemies at summit with Putin
North Korea's Kim Jong Un en route to Russia in armoured train to meet Vladimir Putin
North Korea has launched new nuclear attack submarine, local media reports
White House warns North Korea would 'pay a price' if it supplies Russia with weapons
North Korea fires two ballistic missiles as part of 'tactical nuclear strike drill'
North Korea says it attempted a spy satellite launch which 'failed due to an error'
North Korea preparing long-range missile tests and spy satellite launch, says South Korea
North Korea claims 'racial discrimination' drove US soldier to defect
Kim Jong Un orders sharp increase in missile production
North Korea 'responds' to UN efforts to discuss detained American soldier Travis King
Russian and Chinese officials join Kim Jong Un at a North Korean military parade
China and Russia send officials to North Korea for Korean War commemorations
North Korea fires missiles ahead of key anniversary
North Korea fires 'several cruise missiles' into sea amid silence over US soldier
'Get him!': Witness recalls US soldier's dash across border North Korea
South Korea warns North that using its nukes would mean the 'end' of its regime
North Korea fires two ballistic missiles into sea, says South's military
American who crossed into North Korea at DMZ is a US soldier
Biden says North Korea using nuclear weapons would cause the 'end' of its regime
North Korea says missile launched yesterday was new solid-fuel long-range ICBM