Man bottle-feeding his 7-month-old son in one hand makes incredible catch with the other

Both outstanding and irresponsible at the same time.

CUBS FAN KEITH HARLEY brought his wife and seven-month-old son Isaac along to watch his favourite baseball team play the Los Angeles Dodgers last night.

Nothing strange about that.

During the second inning, however, Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez went to catch a foul ball but was beaten to it by Harley, who also happened to be bottle-feeding little Isaac at the same time.

Batter Jason Hammel was called out for the fan interference but those present at Wrigley Park seemed too impressed to be angry. Understandably, his wife Kari was more concerned about the safety of her child.

“I was a little bit nervous, a little bit scared he was going to drop the baby,” she told ESPN. “Fortunately he held on tight to both the ball and Isaac, so we were okay.”

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