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This year
The Ireland underage international living and playing in constant pain
Alannah Mitchell on her struggle with arthritis and why she has no plans to retire despite leaving Treaty United recently.
Last year
Therapist: It's been a summer of tragedy and loss for many young people
Monica Jackman
All time
'I am responsible' - Mancini takes blame for Italy's World Cup humiliation
'Robert was suffering from an illness that can hit anybody, whatever you do'
Praise for Kai Havertz after he breaks finger while scoring
'I would go and spar sometimes with the worst headaches but I was too proud'
West Ham’s Tomas Soucek recovering from plastic surgery to face
Bertens leaves court in wheelchair after stormy Roland Garros clash
'I was shaking and crying. But I somehow managed to ask: ‘Can I still play sport?’'
'There are players who to this day struggle to cope with the defeat'
Argentina icon Batistuta undergoes ankle surgery after 'begging' doctor to amputate legs
Liverpool boss Klopp reveals 'awful combination' forced Mane off
'I woke up at 3am... I was convinced I was dying'
'Chapman’s fist broke two of Mannion’s ribs and left him with a 60% collapsed lung'
Thousands support campaign to have Versatis patches reinstated for chronic pain sufferers
‘I was literally spending hours vomiting and five minutes later, I’d have to go and compete’
Woman has lost over €100,000 since car accident affected by Setanta collapse
Senior Kinahan gang member dodged hit in Spain as he was cycling with his son
Vaginal mesh campaigner dies in Canada after being hospitalised for sepsis
Two million people are addicted to opioid drugs in US, with 90 dying every day
Henshaw set for surgery after being ruled out of Lions tour with North
A former NFL player is fighting for the league to change its harsh stance on marijuana
'It robs you of your very being': Life with the invisible illness
'I had 10 operations in 12 days... They said they may have to cut it from the knee down'
Heroin-like venom from tropical fish could lead to new pain relief
Woman who developed back pain aged 18 left bed bound in agony as HSE refuses to fund operation
'Her spine has a 97 degree curve but she doesn't know what's wrong and can't describe her pain'
'I caused my own pain' - Richie Towell on his injury-plagued start to the season
Marijuana 'eases chronic pain, but may increase risk of schizophrenia'
Why pain feels more... well, painful in cold weather
'There’s never a minute in the day I don’t feel pain'
"For people in pain like me, medicinal cannabis could be a matter of life and death"
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Scared of the dentist? It's in your genes
Why does the naked mole rat feel no pain and not get cancer?
Horrific scenes as French gymnastics' main medal hope suffers gruesome leg break
I'm not JUST grumpy - I'm living with one of the most painful conditions in the world
Steve O'Rourke
Robots are now being taught how to feel pain
Suffer from chronic pain? Mindfulness might help
Retired garda who suffers back pain following patrol car ramming awarded €49,000
My life with shingles: 'It was like I had gone a few rounds with Conor McGregor'
Carol Reddy Locke